Reborn marriage pet army wife

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Reborn marriage pet army wifeReborn marriage pet army wifeReborn marriage pet army wife

But with the increase of the month, the change of her body is more and more obvious. She used to be able to March for a day without rest, but now she is panting when she walks around downstairs. She can't stand for a long time, and her legs will be very uncomfortable. Now is Panlong to her big task, she can not complete, so she also stopped waiting for the order of the mind, peace of mind at home waiting for the birth. Li Shengwei knows that she has begun to act differently now, and she spends more and more time at home. What he liked to do most was to feel the fetal movement on Chunxiao's stomach, and people who usually didn't talk much began to talk to his stomach. Indeed, it was time for prenatal education for the child, and Chunxiao was also happy to see him get into a relationship with the unborn child. However, some of his unusual prenatal education methods really made Chunxiao laugh and cry. Sheng Weige, let's listen to some soft music for the children. I think they may like it, "said Chunxiao euphemistically.". Li Shengwei should be good in his mouth, but what he put out was a military song. Yes, the prenatal music he listens to the children every day is the military song. Military songs are generally catchy, listening to a few times will make people can not help but sing along, the consequence of playing this music is that Li Shengwei and that Chunxiao will unconsciously hum along. When Li Shengwei went to the army the next day, Chunxiao could not help humming a military song at home alone. Military songs alone are not enough, Li Shengwei's prenatal education books for children are also beyond the imagination of ordinary people. It's not a fairy tale or a historical biography,Inflatable outdoor park, but the art of war! "Brother Sheng Wei, it's no use for you to read these to your children now. Middle school students may not understand these things," Chunxiao said after Li Shengwei read the pure classical Chinese version of the art of war for three consecutive days. It's all right, let them get familiar with it first, and then get twice the result with half the effort when they learn it later, "Li Shengwei said without any care, and read it energetically.". He didn't read the art of war blindly. He had a plan. First read the ancient art of war,Inflatable indoor park, and then start talking about the famous wars at all times and in all over the world. It is said that they are influenced by what they see and hear. Now let the children get in touch with these more. When the children grow up, it will be difficult for them not to become the God of war! Li Shengwei devoted himself to cultivating his two unborn children into the God of war, and when Chunxiao saw that he was full of energy, although he did not agree with him, he let him go. In addition to playing military songs, reading the art of war, Li Shengwei also has a big killer, often take out, the lethality of the spring dawn is very huge! (To be continued..) PS: Thank you for your support, thank you, thank you ~ The small theater of even prenatal education ~ Slave: Son, what kind of prenatal music do you play for my grandson? o(∩_∩)o~ Li: It's none of your business, stepmother? (¬_¬) Slave: If you dare to call me stepmother, do you believe that I won't let your son join the army! ╭(╯^╰)╮ Li: () ~ What else can you do besides threatening me!! Slave: o _ _ o '.. No more.. Chapter 342 spend thousands of yuan for his beloved wife. In front of Chunxiao, Inflatable water park factory ,Inflatable indoor park, Li Shengwei would practice fighting and other military skills commonly used to capture the enemy with bare hands. While practicing, he also talked about routines and action essentials. At first, Chunxiao thought it was interesting, but once a day, and Li Shengwei said that he was teaching the children, Chunxiao had an impulse to hit the wall. Is he going to let the children start practicing kungfu in her belly? Does he know that there is an idiom called pulling the seedlings to help them grow? However, no matter how she persuaded him, Li Shengwei acted on his own. In his words, this was his first time to be a father, and he had no experience. He did everything he thought of to see if it worked. Feelings he is taking two children to do experiments, that Chunxiao dumbfounding, but look at his serious and attentive appearance, know that he is not funny, they also let him go, as long as he is happy. Unfortunately, Li Shengwei is not happy for long, this day Zhang Caiwei suddenly came to the new bay surprise inspection, just in time to catch up with Li Shengwei in the military song, Zhang Caiwei's face immediately black. She looked around and found that she did not know where to put the prenatal education and early education she had brought earlier, but Li Shengwei was holding a History of Modern War in his hand, and when she thought about it, she knew what was going on. She only hated that there was no feather duster in Xinwan, otherwise she would have beaten her son severely! "Li Shengwei, do you have such prenatal education?"? Other people's children all listen to "High Mountains and Flowing Water", my grandson listens to "We = No = Wrong = Novel m. Quledu. Com Soldier", other people's children listen to "Little Prince", my grandson listens to "History of War", you do what you want to do, don't pull my grandson! Zhang Caiwei said angrily. She was really angry. Her husband is a soldier, and each of her four sons is a soldier, and they are grandchildren. See that a few also want to jump high to drill into the barracks, she is really do not want to let that spring dawn belly these two also wear military uniform. A family of soldiers say it sounds good, but the suffering of this, I am afraid only the women in the family can know it. Li Shengwei stalked his neck and kept silent, apparently not listening to Zhang Caiwei's words, but also because she was his mother and did not want to talk back to her. Zhang Caiwei was so angry when she saw him like this that she reached out to twist his arm. When Chunxiao saw that the situation was not good, he quickly stood up to smooth things over. Mom, don't be angry. It's also my fault. If I don't indulge Sheng Weige, he can't be so rampant! Chunxiao stood up with his stomach out and pulled Zhang Caiwei to sit down. Zhang Caiwei gave her son a cold face. She was smiling at her daughter-in-law. He reached out and touched Chunxiao's stomach. Loving way: "Good boy, I am grandma, you don't be afraid, your father bullied you, I help you vent your anger.". Li Shengwei twitched at the corners of his mouth and looked at the spring dawn with an innocent and aggrieved face. Chunxiao laughed and had no time to talk to him. "Mom," he said to Zhang Caiwei. Why did you suddenly come here today? Is there something wrong? Zhang Caiwei stopped,Inflatable dry slide, but her eyes still stayed on Chunxiao's stomach. It's like you can see the two little guys inside through your belly. I came to see how you are now. By the way, I brought you some things. They are all in the car. "He turned to Li Shengwei and ordered," You go down and bring them up. " 。