Stepmothers Survival Diary (Old Saying Through Goldfinger)

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Stepmothers Survival Diary (Old Saying Through Goldfinger)Stepmothers Survival Diary (Old Saying Through Goldfinger)

The carriage stopped at the gate. It was simple and not very impressive. After several people got into the carriage and put down the curtain of the door, the driver of the carriage waved his whip, and the horse began to move. The wooden wheels turned with a slight sound and swayed gently away from the house and into the long street. Everyone else was quiet along the way, except for Brother Zhen, who, probably curious, quietly opened the window curtain and looked at the outside world through the small gap. Gradually, the sound of pedestrians talking, shouting, accompanied by the sound of cars and horses came into my ears. Even if you don't look, Shen Shu also knows that the outside is bound to be a completely different scene from modern society, saying that it is false not to be curious, but more is still exclusive. No matter how beautiful it is, this is not her time. Chapter 014 The carriage passed through the busy long street and finally stopped at the entrance of a restaurant named Kelaiju. Sister Hui looked at Shen Shu and begged, "Mother will accompany me up." Shen Shu shook her head and refused, "I won't go, you go with amber.". I promised brother Zhen yesterday to buy him a ice-sugar gourds and a clay figurine, and now I'm going to take him to have a look. If you have talked about it later and we haven't come back yet, you can wait here. If we come back first, we will wait for you here. Rebirth back must know some opportunities, Shen Shu guess Hui sister probably want to use what she knows to do something. To this, Shen Shu does not care very much, but it is some curious whether the thing that Hui elder sister knows will happen. Although there is a butterfly effect, but Shen Shu felt that this variable should not have a great impact on the overall situation at the moment, in theory, the possibility of what she thought would happen is still very high. Shen Shu's answer was in the expectation of Sister Hui. Although she has some regrets,Vegetable oil filling machine, but is not particularly concerned, can get Shen Shu to wait for her to come out, she actually already satisfied. Feelings are getting along with each other, last life got along with so many years before she saw Shen Shu's good, now back to youth, she will not naively feel that Shen Shu should be obedient to her. After saying goodbye to Shen Shu, Sister Hui got out of the carriage with Amber and was led into the door of the restaurant by the bartender. After sister Hui left, Shen Shu looked down at brother Zhen, only to see the little guy with big black eyes,juice filling machine, looking at her longingly, those eyes as if they could speak, revealing the meaning of "take me to play quickly". Shen Shu could not help laughing, touched his head, "go, take you to buy ice-sugar gourds kneading clay figurines." Zhen elder brother son smell speech, immediately laugh eyes narrow, a small cheer, stretched out a small hand to lead Shen Shu, two people together out of the carriage, accompanied by glass, set foot on the long street. The main roads in the county seat are paved with bluestone slabs. After years of trampling by pedestrians, the surface has been worn smooth. The recent heavy rains have washed the road clean. Now, when you walk on it, you can see a vague reflection. It was early in the morning, and there was a trace of coolness in the wind. The line of sight through the low buildings, looking at the mountains in the distance, is covered by the morning fog, Edible oil filling machine ,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, looks a bit illusory feeling. The sun climbed up from the foot of the mountain, hidden behind the fog, looking hazy. The shops on both sides of the street were open, and the peddlers found empty places to set up their stalls and put out all kinds of things to eat, drink and play. The cries rose and fell one after another, and they sounded particularly energetic. Brother Zhen can be said to have never been out of the door, see everything feel novel and interesting, now only feel that some of the eyes are not enough. Not long after he had gone, he stopped in front of a sugar figure stall, staring at it and unable to walk. Mother, mother, what is this? He asked Shen Shu, but he didn't even turn his head. Without Shen Shu's answer, the sugar man explained to him with a smile, "Little Childe, this is a sugar man. Look at this turntable here. It's painted with a pattern. I'll draw it for you when you turn the turntable to the last place." The old man said, and added a moment later, "Two pennies once.". ” After Zhen elder brother listened, did not answer directly, but turned to ask Shen Shu, "mother, can I have this?" Shen Shu did not know how the prices of the Southern Dynasties, but the Xie family regardless of food and clothing are excellent, the two money will not be taken seriously. Brother Zhen could have made his own decision, but thought of asking Shen Shu's opinion, because she took him out, he is now only three years old, but less than four years old, has not developed a spoiled character, but so sensible, in Shen Shu's view, can not help but sigh. Shen Shu rarely showed a smile, reached out to touch his head, nodded, "you like to buy it, today is to take you out to play, as long as you like, you can buy it." When brother Zhen heard this, he laughed happily. After rubbing his little head against Shen Shu's palm, he turned his head again to look at the turntable that the old man had pointed out to him before. The round turntable was divided into twelve squares, drawing simple flowers, plants and animals. The most beautiful one was the phoenix, not only beautiful but also the biggest. Brother Zhen took a fancy to the phoenix at a glance and pointed to Shen Shu, "Mother, this is really beautiful. I want to turn two, one for you." For a moment, Shen Shu felt sweet. She nodded with a smile. After brother Zhen finished speaking, he stretched out his little fat hand to fiddle with the turntable. Look at his earnest appearance. He probably even used his strength to suck the breast. After the bamboo stick was stressed, it turned up. After round and round, it gradually slowed down. Seeing that it was about to point to the position of the phoenix, it stopped at the last moment and landed on the little tiger. Did not turn to the Phoenix that want, Zhen elder brother son is a little disappointed, lovely little face wrinkle into steamed stuffed bun appearance. The old man smiled and said, "Congratulations, you are a mighty tiger." As he spoke, he scooped up the warm sugar with a spoon,plastic bottle making machine, and the sugar fell on the clean bronze plate with the old man's hand. After the outline of the tiger was constructed at one time, a few details were added, but a simple image of the tiger was drawn in a moment.