Necromancer End World Bank

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Necromancer End World BankNecromancer End World BankNecromancer End World Bank

Of course, it can't be counted like this, because there is no waste on the yew wood, that is to say, whether it is the surface of the trunk or the inner layer of the trunk, all of them are materials, all of which can be used to make staves or bows and so on. And this yew tree is almost as thick as an adult's calf. According to the thickness of a normal staff, it can be made into five to six staffs. If it is 1.5 meters long, it can even reach about ten. Of course, this refers to the case of good use, after all, it is a delicate work, need to be very careful and careful to separate it, once not careful, it is likely to cause some impact, thus wasted. Therefore, Tang Fan did not dare to start at random now, but first carefully observed. Volume II: Chaotic New Age 149 Yew Heart 149 Yew heart "And these five branches, each of which has the thickness of a forearm, but this length.." Staring at the five straight branches, Tang Fan frowned tightly. The thickness of these five branches is not exactly the same, but there are some differences that are not particularly obvious, and their lengths are also different. The longest is about one meter,Porcelain Marble Slabs, and the shortest is about half a meter. Looking at these five branches, Tang Fan was somewhat puzzled for a moment. Making a staff with yew wood has been in Tang Fan's heart since he learned about yew wood. Although he had not seen such a yew tree before, Tang Fan had imagined that if he could get a piece of yew tree, it would be a good choice to make a staff with other materials. However, now looking at such a yew tree, looking at the trunk that can make several pure yew sticks, how can Tang Fan think about the idea that he could only get a piece before. For example, a hungry person just wants to get half a steamed bun, but when he accidentally gets a lot of delicious food,Marble Granite Price, the half of the steamed bun may have been forgotten to an unknown corner. Now, Tang Fan knew that he could make a staff of pure yew wood, and he could make several of them. Therefore, these branches, which were only one meter long and half a meter short, made Tang Fan feel embarrassed for a while. After all, it's too short. It is far from enough to make a bow. Of course, it is not impossible to make a short staff or a long staff with other materials, but Tang Fan has no interest in it. After thinking about it, Tang Fan finally decided to get the five branches down first, and then put them away, perhaps there would be an opportunity to use them in the future. Once again, he ordered the Skeleton Warrior of the Magic Mouse Man to cut the five branches one by one along the contact of the trunk. Looking at the action of the skeleton warrior, Tang Fan suddenly felt that if he also got a sharp dagger, it might be easier to do this kind of thing. After a while, the five branches were all cut down by the skeleton warriors of the Magic Rat Man, Stone Honeycomb Panel ,White Marble Slabs, and the fracture was extremely smooth and flat. Grasping it in his hand, Tang Fan found that the branches of the yew tree were unexpectedly light, and if compared with other branches of the same size, the weight was estimated to be only about half. Light weight is also a characteristic of yew wood. Collect five branches of yew, on the ground, there is a three-meter-long trunk of yew, from the root up, a little bit thinner. Tang Fan secretly gestured a few times, thought for a while, and finally decided to cut the trunk into two sections, each of which was 1.5 meters. This time, it was also done by the Skeleton Warrior of the Magic Rat Man. In a short time, a complete trunk was separated from the middle, and the fracture was also very smooth, without any flaws. Taking one of them into the storage space again, Tang Fan studied the other one carefully. Holding this section of trunk of yew wood, Tang Fan looked at it carefully, and immediately, his eyes froze. He found that the color of the yew wood seemed to be a little different when viewed from the cut surface. Yew wood is called yew wood, which is somewhat inseparable from its color. It is a deep purple. From the cut, we can clearly see that the edge of this section of yew wood is a relatively light purple, but the more we go to the center, the color deepens a little bit. However, interestingly, when the color deepens to a certain extent, the middle of the whole section of yew wood, which is almost the diameter of a dollar coin, becomes extremely deep and different from the surroundings, as if separated by two worlds. Looking at the diameter of the one-dollar coin, the deep purple color, Tang Fan was fascinated by it for a while. He had a feeling that the quality of the yew wood, which was the diameter of a dollar coin, was absolutely superior to that of other yew wood, and that the obvious difference in color alone had fascinated him. This is the so-called yew heart. Tang Fan's lips moved and he let out a sigh that could not be checked, which was full of a kind of happiness and relief. This time, he entered Linjiang City in order to upgrade his level, and the ultimate goal was to find the cave in the southern suburbs of Linjiang City and then enter it, find the so-called zombie Lord and slay it, so as to obtain the qualification to trade with the demon merchant Barbaro. But unexpectedly, unexpectedly came to the southern suburbs, but also unexpectedly encountered a complete yew tree. You know, if you want to find a complete yew in different time and space, it is not easy, because many people know the value of yew, so once found, even seedlings will be taken away immediately. Unlike the earth, the demons have just invaded for more than a month and have begun to change part of the earth's environment and so on, so that some of the vegetation in hell can grow on the earth, and now the human beings on the earth, except Tang Fan, almost no one else realizes the rarity of these treasures. However, it is even luckier to be able to get a yew heart. Everything has its essence. Naturally,Calacatta Nano Glass, the essence is a better and better thing, so Tang Fan can be sure that if he can use this yew heart to make a staff, it will definitely be more advanced and more useful than other staff made of yew.