A big country has no boundaries

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A big country has no boundariesA big country has no boundariesA big country has no boundaries

"As a big country in the East, a country that has always been famous for its civilization, should our country continue to work hard for our economic needs in the turbulent period of the world, even though in the eyes of many countries and nations, our economic achievements are enough to shine in the world?"? However, what I want to say now is that at any time, for our country, maintaining healthy and sustainable economic development is not only an important condition for achieving long-term stability and healthy development of the nation, but also the absolute desire of hundreds of millions of Chinese people for a happy life. Therefore, our national policy will be carried out around this need from beginning to end, because it is the real need of our nation and our country, and everything else is nothing. "The economic development that our country needs today is no longer the prosperity of the domestic market economy that we used to yearn for, and our development has long been closely linked with the world.". To give a simple example, if there is a sales lag or even no market demand for our best-selling industrial products in the world, such as automobiles, airplanes, household appliances and industrial equipment, whether in the domestic or global market, what will happen in our country? "We may have tens of millions of industrial workers who will lose their jobs, which will affect the lives of a large number of families,digital signage kiosk, and the social burden caused by mass unemployment will soon lead to the slow or even retrogression of economic development.". And if the price of the raw materials we need for industrial production fluctuates greatly or even the supply and demand are unstable, what kind of impact will this bring? Obviously, our economic development needs have been simplified into the desire for consumer markets and raw material markets. Zhang Yu's words are not pleasant to hear, but they are very real. The rise and prosperity of a nation, in the jungle society of the law of the jungle, will inevitably affect the survival and development of other nations, saying that mutual benefit and win-win development are all excuses caused by false interest demands,facial recognition thermometer, which is the so-called "there are no eternal friends between countries, only eternal interests". Every country is a huge collective composed of people as a unit, in order to survive and develop, it must have space. The predatory nature of war is an intuitive reflection of a country's desire for survival and development, and the long-term road of the Republic is actually a road of economic war, strong industrial production capacity is not only the source of demand, but also the main force to launch economic war, and industrial products are the shells of war. So behind the economic prosperity of the Republic is the overall decline of the Western world. When the contradiction between each other is more acute, the real military war is inevitable. Therefore, the real economic power, at least the military and diplomatic power, all serve the economic needs, whether it is military conflict or diplomatic situation, including the current Korean Peninsula war. As for the Peninsular War, face detection android ,digital signage screen, to put it nicely, the Republic is fighting against Japan in order to expand its own living space, ensure the stability of its surrounding areas, and for the just demands of Korean national independence. To put it realistically, in fact, the Republic is striving to gain absolute dominance in Asia and firmly grasp the vast territory of Asia with a large population. Japan, as the biggest threat in East Asia, unfortunately became the first sacrificial object of the rise of the Republic. Just imagine, if the roles of Korea and Japan are reversed, and Korea becomes the country that colonizes Japan, that is, the biggest threat to the Asian strategy of the Republic, I am afraid that it is not Japan that the Republic will teach a lesson now. In any case, as a big country, when it is ahead of its neighboring countries or regions in political, economic, military, industrial, scientific and technological fields, such a country will naturally have a strong sense of ownership, neither allowing other big countries to get involved in its sphere of influence, nor allowing the emergence of local snakes threatening its rule in its own territory. This truth has been truly reflected in the fact that Japan, which became a modern industrial power after the Meiji Restoration, bullied the backward Qing Dynasty at that time. The law of the jungle between countries is more destructive and ruthless than the law of survival between people in society, and it is even more unreasonable. Interests are always the main factor that dominates the strategy of great powers. Cheap raw materials and a vast consumer market are important conditions for our great economic prosperity. History has proved that when this demand becomes the demand of the whole country, we have embarked on the road of great power. Zhang Yu's thunderous words are still going on. The reason why he wants to talk about the way of a great power in the education forum is to tell all the people present a point of view, that is, today's Republic is no longer an agricultural and economic power bullied by others. As a great power with interests for the whole world, it should learn more great power thinking in the new era-tolerance and progress. Tolerance, of course, refers to the tolerance of small and weak countries that are friendly to themselves, countries that are dependent on themselves and faithfully support their own countries. To be enterprising is naturally for the development of the whole country and nation, to deal with international affairs with a positive attitude, not "if we are attacked, we will attack again", but to treat and handle international affairs with a responsible attitude of a big country, especially with a very responsible attitude towards our own interests. Therefore, Zhang Yu hopes that one of the new educational concepts of the fourth generation of education is to liberate the traditional thinking of the self-confident Chinese people, to examine the environment in which they live from a new and better perspective, to examine the world that pursues the law of the jungle, to shape the thinking of a great power in the whole national society, and to understand the connotation of "I would rather lose the world than let the world lose me". Ps: As for the concept of a great power, I don't understand it very well. For a long time, I have different opinions about such a concept. What should a real great power be like? Welcome all brothers to put forward valuable opinions of great powers. Thank you for your support. Chapter 52 the tipster Chapter 52 the tipster "God, it really is hell." As soon as he stepped on the airport of the capital of the Republic,face recognition identification kiosk, Jobson rushed to his wife and hugged her tightly, saying: "There is hell, and the Japanese are the real devils." 。 hsdtouch.com