Legend of evil gods

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Legend of evil godsLegend of evil godsLegend of evil godsLegend of evil godsLegend of evil gods

Slowly gathering the energy in his body, Bukenata said in a deep voice, "Since you won't join us, then.." I will never let you leave alive, your existence, the threat is too great, today. You're not getting out of here! Feeling the energy gathering crazily on Bukenata, I laughed, gathered energy at full speed, and said, "That's what I want to say to you. Today, let's see which one of us will leave alive!" Wheezing. As the energy gathered, there was a sharp whistling sound around Bukenata, and at the same time. Flashes of fire flashed around my body, and the flames fought with all their might. Eyes tightly locked Bukenata, because I first step to gather energy, and my special talent is to gather Qi quickly, so. When the energy of Bukenata was just half gathered, I had already completed the gathering of energy. With a smile, I ran towards Bukenata at full speed and launched the attack first! Boom! Bukenata was shocked to be hit in the air, but as soon as he saw the other side move, the roaring attack had already fallen on him, so fast that it was far beyond the scope of his vision! That is to say, Bukenata is completely unable to see how the other side is moving. Although he also has that kind of speed,interactive kiosk price, Bukenata knows that that kind of speed can not be captured by vision, such as his and the fierce fire, once shot, it is equal to hit, the speed of their movement is absolutely faster than the reaction speed of the nerve, when you see it, it is time to be hit! Boom! Just thinking, another roar sounded, Bukenata was hit again,face recognition identification, the body flew upside down, meteor-like flying out of nearly a kilometer, and finally fell deep into the mountain wall, forming a huge hole with a diameter of more than ten meters on the cliff! Looking at the flash of fire with admiration, Bukenata wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth with difficulty, coughed violently twice, and stood up slowly. Looking at the fierce fire not far from the opposite side, Bukenata laughed in a discomfited way: "I didn't expect that I, Bukenata, would have been beaten by speed in such a discomfited way one day. If my energy were not far deeper than yours, I would have turned into ashes by now!" Looking coldly at Bukenata, I stopped the attack because the two attacks consumed too much fighting spirit. For a while, I couldn't keep up with the supply. I had to pause a little before I could continue to launch such a swift attack. Of course, I can also use zero space to restore my energy in an instant, but.. I don't want to kill him so easily. It's too cheap for him. How can I kill him without burning my heart! Standing up straight slowly, Bukenata laughed and said, "I haven't tasted pain for a long time. This feeling is really wonderful. Although I don't like it, interactive whiteboard prices ,digital whiteboard price, I miss it very much!" Slowly reaching out his hands, Bukenata smiled and said, "Boy, why don't you attack me continuously?"? Do you want to torture me to death like a cat catching a mouse? I can tell you responsibly that you have lost the chance to kill me! Armor! Suddenly, Bukenata roared word by word, accompanied by his roar, several golden light groups suddenly circled out, after a slight circle over Bukenata, one after another jumped up to Bukenata's body! Click. Click. Click. Under my gaze, first of all, a pair of wristbands covered with golden light film flew up and buckled on Bukenata's wrists with a click, followed by armor, helmet, leg armor, pieces of halo armor, like beads gathered towards Bukenata's body, and in a twinkling of an eye.. A hazy golden shadow, covered by a layer of golden light film, appeared in front of me, and this. It is the so-called kamikaze armor that Bukenata shouted!


Chapter 685 of the main text, the field of wind. Clang! Clang! Bukenata punched each other with two clangs of gold bars. Then he laughed and said, "Boy, since you refuse to cooperate with me, don't blame me for destroying you. It's really too troublesome to leave an enemy like you in this world. Don't blame me!" Facing Bukenata, I smiled, and the next moment. I fiercely launched an attack again, and with a loud noise, my right fist hit Bukenata's chest again, and the violent fire energy came out unscrupulously. Boom! In the loud noise, I stared blankly at Bukenata, under my strength to destroy the mountain, Bukenata actually only stepped back a few steps in a row, then regained his footing, and even did not touch the stone wall a few meters behind him! As I watched in horror, Bukenata stood up straight and laughed. "Do you think this kamikaze armor is fake?"? As long as your energy can't surpass mine, you can't knock me away. This armor will automatically offset your attack energy with mine. By the way, this is just a function of kamikaze armor! Looking at my shocked expression, Bukenata slowly stepped forward and forced me to come over. "Now.." he said with a smile. We can continue to play, or that sentence, to see who can get out of here alive today! Looking at the pressing Bukenata, I clenched my teeth fiercely, facing this kamikaze armor, my fists obviously had no effect, I thought about using weapons, but. As a forger, I can clearly distinguish the strength of this armor from the kamikaze armor. How can an ordinary weapon damage it? At this moment, I can not help but extremely miss me that do not know where to lose the evil God chop, if he is still there, break through this hateful armor, it is just an easy thing, but now, I can only think about it, unwilling to look at the golden Bukenata in front of me, is it.. Did I return without an attack today? Unbelieving,outdoor digital signage displays, I gritted my teeth and punched again at full speed. With a loud clang, Bukenata stepped back again, but then he walked towards me again as if nothing had happened. hsdtouch.com