Zhang Rui +-+ Feng Jin Ru Hua

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Zhang Rui +-+ Feng Jin Ru HuaZhang Rui +-+ Feng Jin Ru HuaZhang Rui +-+ Feng Jin Ru Hua

Lou Shuo's eyes were all red. He didn't give up and said, "Please save my master. If the master is frivolous by her in the place of fireworks, according to the master's temperament.." Lest. I beg you to save my master no matter what. Your great kindness will surely be remembered by the attendants on the fourth floor of the Dade Ming Building. Before he had finished speaking, he struggled to get up but failed. Hibiscus lowered his head, did not dare to look at the people looking forward to the eyes, nodded in a panic, but can not stop the heart and not half sure. According to Hibiscus's understanding of Western music, no one can control the things that Western music identifies. When Lou Shuo saw that the hibiscus had promised, he was relieved and suddenly loosened the robe of the hibiscus. Without the slightest defense, Lou Shuo suddenly let go of his hand. The hibiscus stumbled unsteadily and almost fell to the ground. But at this time, the hibiscus had no time to take care of the details and ran downstairs in a hurry. The bartender stared dumbfounded at the hibiscus as if running for his life, and ran into the flower building diagonally opposite. Entering the door, the hibiscus stood in place, afraid of going to the wrong place. Inside the building, there is no half fragrance of powder, but an elegant and unknown fragrance, surrounded by paintings and calligraphy of famous artists of all generations. Why is the young man so impatient? A lightly made-up woman wearing a gold hairpin smiled and grabbed the arm of the hibiscus. Hibiscus stood in place, staring at the woman with light makeup and simple elegance. After a while, she realized that this person was the procuress. She broke away from her pull and ran straight to the second floor. Gong. Childe. Is there a girl in love? The procuress ran after the hibiscus and asked in a hurry. Hibiscus ran to the second floor in one breath, without thinking, kicked the door open one by one,touch screen interactive whiteboard, and different curses came from each room. After kicking open the fifth room, Hibiscus finally found Xile. The procuress had already caught up with the hibiscus and held it tightly, panting: "Childe, how can I do business with Shuxianglou?" A silver spindle flew out of the room, and the shrill voice of Xile came from the room: "Mom, don't be disappointed." As soon as the procuress saw the silver flying out of the house, she immediately loosened the hibiscus and reached out to catch it accurately. She beamed and said, "The young lady is right. If this young man hadn't looked for you everywhere and messed up the rules,interactive flat panel display, I wouldn't have done that.". You enjoy yourselves, and I'll send the girls called by the young lady up right away. Hibiscus hurriedly ran into the room, Yang childe eyes closed, pale, disheveled clothes lying on the embroidered bed. Xile sat on the mahogany chair opposite the embroidered bed, looking straight at the person on the bed, his eyes were complicated and his face was gloomy, and he saw the hibiscus come in and smile at him. Hibiscus took two steps forward, took Xile's hand and dragged it outward, but he could not drag it, and he dared not use too much force, for fear of tearing Xile's wound. Xi Le saw the anxious expression of the hibiscus, and a ray of light flashed in his eyes. Smiling, she took the hibiscus by the hand and brought it to the bedside of Mr. Yang. Pointing to the cinnabar red peach blossom mark in the middle of Mr. Yang's neck, 65 inch smart board ,classroom interactive whiteboard, she said, "Little mute, do you know what it is?" The hibiscus looked at the lifelike peach blossom in a strange way and shook his head. On the jade neck like snow, the red peach blossoms are delicate and beautiful, exquisite and eye-catching. Yang Childe suddenly opened his eyes, dark as midnight, full of humiliation and hatred, straight to the face full of ridicule on Xile, finally can not bear so unbearable, tightly closed his eyes. When Xi Le saw that Prince Yang was like this, the sneer on his face deepened, and a trace of pleasure flashed through his eyes: "This is the man's palace sand. I didn't expect that the famous Prince Yang would also be like a jade.". Look, this peach blossom thorn is so lifelike, it can be seen that the person who helps the flower must cherish this jade skin very much. Hibiscus close to the head, staring at the legendary Shougong sand: "Men can also have Shougong sand?"? "Today!"! I broke the jade body and saw how he explained to the flower man. Xi Le looked at the blood-like peach blossoms, his eyes were filled with hatred, and his face was badly distorted. When Yang Childe heard this, he suddenly opened his eyes and looked at Xile in humiliation. His eyes showed the color of determination, and blood overflowed from his mouth. Xile stepped forward quickly, touched his acupoint, and said in a cold voice, "Do you want to die?"? It's not that easy. ” The eyes of the hibiscus, like colored glaze, were full of unbearable color. She took two steps forward to pull Xile and was about to open her mouth. The procuress pushed the door and entered again. The three girls who entered with the procuress were all dressed up carefully, with their eyebrows painted with Dai, their faces covered with thin powder, and their heads covered with jade, but their beauty was plain. Miss, you want the girl to bring you, you see all are like flowers and jade, if used for the little childe. The little childe is sure to eat this time and think about the next time. After the procuress finished, she glanced at the hibiscus ambiguously, and the unknown smile made the hibiscus break out in a cold sweat. Hibiscus carefully looked at the three people entering the door, the heart can not help but doubt. Although Xile is usually coquettish and domineering, he will not be too extreme in doing things. Why do you push someone you meet by chance now? Is it really just for the sake of saying "the appearance is better than flying"? Xi Le put an ingot of silver gently on the table beside him and said in a gentle voice, "Thank you, Mom. You go down for the time being. If something happens, I'll call Mom again." The procuress quickly put away the silver, the smile on her face was stronger, looked at the person on the bed ambiguously, went out without looking back, and closed the door firmly with professional ethics. When the three girls saw the procuress go out, they immediately walked toward the hibiscus with a smile. The hibiscus timidly stepped back again and again, and a girl quickly stuck to her body: "Childe..." Embarrassed, he tried to get rid of it, but failed. His cheeks were hot and he didn't know what to do: sad. He thought he was also a new man, but he was molested by ancient women every time and had no way to escape. Sad! "Unbridled!"! Who gave you permission to touch my men,86 smart board, Miss? Xi Le glanced sharply at the girl who had stuck to the hibiscus and said angrily. The girl immediately let go of the hibiscus, and the three of them looked at each other without knowing why. Xi Le looked back slowly and glanced at the embroidered bed. An enchanting smile appeared on his face. "The person you want to accompany is there. If you serve him well, this young lady will be rewarded." 。 hsdsmartboard.com