Record of Sword Demon in Other Realms

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"All right, that's good." Said Yin Xiang, taking out a bag of medicine from his bosom. "See this?"? At midnight tonight

"Now there is still a gap between me and Yelv Xiongyan or even Dugu Qiubei, but..". As long as I want to defeat them, no one can stop the sword in my hand. !” At that time, God Wuya's eyes were filled with a kind of brilliant self-confidence, and he looked up to heaven and earth and was worthy of his heart. At the same time, it was a burst of pride: This is my brother! In those days, even if the world was forced into a desperate situation by the sword emperor, Ye Yi, the uncompromising commander of the moon in the sea: God is boundless! ...... Shenwuyue's sideways flicker was almost instinctive, but when her body really flew sideways, it felt as if her body had suddenly hit a touch of softness and strength, and a rather peaceful voice came from her ear: "Don't be afraid. Just stand aside." With this voice, God Wuyue only felt that his body was contained by a soft and powerful force, and in an instant he could not restrain himself from being sent aside. Xiao Wu,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, look at her. "It's the master!" When Shenwuyue looked back, he was already far away from his brother Shenwuya, and the person who sent him out was undoubtedly the one who was now standing in front of Shenwuya with Yelv Xiongyan: seeking defeat alone! There is no doubt that God's conclusion is correct! 'Yelv Xiongyan 'and'Dugu Qiubei' are really the best warriors in the world. Originally, when Shenwuya said that he was defeated by these two people, Shenwuyue was still a little unconvinced,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, but now she has completely lost this mood. Just now Dugu Qiubei sent her away with a powerful force. Even now, Shenwuyue still feels very frightened. She is almost unstoppable in the face of the power of seeking defeat alone! Not to mention the'Yelv Xiongyan 'who appeared directly beside him from the North Chu seat as he spoke. ...... "Come here!" A cold female voice came from behind her at the moment when Shenwuyue's heart was full of twists and turns. When Shen Wuyue turned his head, the sound of his voice was one of the only four women listed on the seat in the whole Imperial Palace: Xuanyuan Dance! The other two women, of course, are Deng Xueyi, the God of the sea, and Li Qinger, the princess of Qingyun, who is with his father Li Xian. But I don't know why, listening to the cold tone of Xuanyuan Dance, 30ml Dropper Bottle ,glass cream jars, which seemed to command, Shenwuyue felt uncomfortable for a while and answered coldly in her mouth: "No need!" Xuanyuan dance did not make a sound, just casually looked at the God without a moon, the eyes were turned away and no longer ignored her. When Shenwuyue had just had some joy of victory in her heart, she suddenly remembered her brother, Shenwuya, and when she turned her head nervously, it was now that Shenwuya seemed to have sobered up: In the face of'Yelv Xiongyan 'and'Dugu Qiubei', God Wuya had already stood up. Between three people as if tripartite confrontation, so standing beside the banquet of the original sea God, and the north Chu, south from the people at the moment are very concerned about watching. Especially Li Qinger, Deng Xueyi, these girls are beating like a deer in their hearts and excited, of course, with a sense of uneasiness. As for Shu Qianxuan, although he also feels a little strange in his heart, he is the most stable person based on the blind worship of Dugu Qiubei! Where is Xuanyuan Dance? She looked at'Dugu Qiubei 'and'Yelv Xiongyan', but there was a surge of blood in her heart! ...... Are you awake? 'Yelv Xiongyan 'spoke for the first time in front of everyone, and his voice was full of a very magnetic and hoarse voice, which was very comfortable in everyone's ears. What do you think Shen Wuya replied that his eyes were fixed on Yelv Xiongyan. It seems that you still remember what happened in those years. 'Yelv Xiongyan 'smiled softly and said that although no one could see through his solid'black iron mask', there seemed to be a smiling expression on the face of a man in black in everyone's mind. But just as everyone was trying to capture the man's face, everything in their minds became confused again. Fu Zhongtian, Xuanyuan Dance, Yelv Qing and others could not help but change their looks at the moment! "I have long forgotten what happened in those days.". ” God Wuya stared at the people in front of him: "Although we were used by you, weren't you destroyed by that man later?" Gently gazed at God boundless one eye'Yelv Xiongyan 'suddenly shook his head and sighed lightly in his mouth: "Alas!"! ... It seems that we haven't forgotten. !” "Yes." Shen Wuya answered honestly that the two masked men looked at each other as if they were smiling and seeking defeat alone? At the moment, it seems that he has become a bystander completely. The Coming of God Chapter 422 Wind and Cloud in the Imperial Palace (IV) Novel Bus Updated: July 26, 2010 18:22:28 Words in this chapter: 5233 All the people in the palace were closely watching the conversation between Yelv Xiongyan and Dugu Qiubei, who were wearing golden masks and black iron masks. Do you know what I've wanted to do most all these years? 'God Wuya 'suddenly asked'Yelu Xiongyan'. You say 'Yelv Xiongyan 'said lightly. I say? How interesting God Wuya chuckled and looked at Yelv Xiongyan, who was not far away but imitated the horizon: “... I want to open the black mask on your face and see for myself the legendary Is it really as I imagined: war.. None ... Nope ... Win !” "What?" "Youming breaks the sky?" "Wow!!!" When all the people in the Imperial Palace heard the name, they turned pale with fright and then looked at the man who was supposed to be the Emperor of Northern Chu, Yelu Xiongyan,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, but was called Youming Putian by Shenwuya. The black iron mask on his face seemed to be more profound with a layer of blue! Is he Yelv Xiongyan? Or'Youming breaks the sky '. ...... "Ha ha ha ha.." 'Yelv Xiongyan 'did not answer the words of God, but suddenly looked up and laughed for a long time before stopping: "I'm afraid you're not qualified to say this in front of me, although you are the commander of the Moon in the Sea." 。