The strongest gas refining period in history

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"All right, that's good." Said Yin Xiang, taking out a bag of medicine from his bosom. "See this?"? At midnight tonight

At 2:30 in the afternoon, the auditorium in the Martial Arts Association Hall was almost full of people. Everyone is waiting for Yang Jian's appearance. As for Yang Jian's opponent Fang Yu, no one cares, most people have never heard of the name. Yang Shaorong, the head of the Yang family, is here! And his business prodigy daughter, Yang Yinzhu! Someone in the audience shouted. Congratulations to Master Yang. After Yang Dashao steps into the realm of a great master, the Yang family is bound to soar into the sky! "Congratulations to Master Yang." Many family representatives stepped forward to show their goodwill to Yang Shaorong. Yang Shaorong smiled, nodded in response, and went to the front row of the auditorium with Yang Yinzhu to sit down. Tang Mingde, the head of the Tang family, is here! And Ji Dongshan, the head of the Ji family, and his daughter Ji Rumei. My God, how many big shots are coming today!? Someone shouted. Tang Mingde and Ji Dongshan walked and talked, and stopped when they passed Yang Shaorong. When Ji Dongshan saw Yang Yinzhu, his face darkened. This woman,30ml dropper bottle, repeatedly sent people to kill Ji Rumei, the last time even he wanted to kill together. The enmity between the two companies has long been more than just the level of business competition. Tang Jiazhu, I didn't expect you to go to Ji's house so quickly. We had a good chat two weeks ago. Yang Shaorong looked at Tang Mingde and smiled. Yang Dong, it's your Yang family that doesn't follow the rules first. Your son Yang Xu even wants to take my daughter. Tang Mingde's face was ugly and he did not go on. At the mention of Yang Xu, Yang Shaorong and Yang Yinzhu's faces darkened. Tang Mingde, Fang Yu is your man, what he does,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, you also have to be in charge, you don't think you can escape! When my eldest brother gets rid of Fang Yu, our Yang family will have to settle accounts with your Tang family! Yang Yinzhu's beautiful eyes were full of malice, and he said in a cold voice. Do you think you can do whatever you want with a master of martial arts in your family? In China, it is to say. Tang Mingde's face was livid. But before he had finished speaking, Yang Yinzhu pounded the table and said in an almost gnashing tone, "Our Yang family never talks about rules!" Chapter 67 I'm sorry I'm late! Yang Yinzhu, don't be too arrogant! Ji Dongshan's face was ugly and he said in a deep voice. What's the matter? At that moment, a cold voice came from behind. As soon as Tang Mingde and others changed their faces, they turned their heads and saw Yang Jian, wearing a black robe, standing behind them. Tang Jiazhu, Serum Bottle With Dropper ,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, Ji Jiazhu, you can go back to your seats first. As for other things, wait until I get rid of Fang Yu. I believe that when the time comes, you will have different ideas. Yang Jian said in a cold voice with an expressionless face. Tang Mingde and Ji Dongshan's father and daughter changed their faces and did not speak again. Yang Yinzhu looked at them and laughed sarcastically. After a few minutes, Tang Wenyuan and his wife, as well as Tang Xiaorou and Tang Feng, helped Mr. Tang into the guild hall together. Tang Mingde did not want them to come, but could not resist Tang Xiaorou's soft grinding hard bubble, or let her follow. A few minutes later, Qin Yimo also came. She called Grandpa and heard the news that Fang Yu was going to duel with the martial arts master. Grandpa laughed heartily and asked her to go to the scene to have a look. Qin Yimo in the heart of great doubt, is Fang Yu really have the strength of the martial arts master? …… The time soon came to 2:55. Yang Jian stepped onto the competition stage, causing a heated discussion in the audience. That's Yang Jian! Rumor has it that Yang Jian has stepped into the martial arts master! "The smell from him is so special!"! Is this the breath of a master of martial arts? "Indeed, the breath on his body is completely different from that of the innate warrior." This is the breath of a master of martial arts. Yang Jian stood on the stage with his hands behind his back, his eyes closed. Time passed by minute by minute, and no one stood on the stage again. It's 2:59. Why hasn't Yang Jian's opponent come yet? "Yes, I can't wait. I've never seen a martial arts master in my life. I really want to see the strength of a martial arts master!" "That Fang Yu didn't run away before the battle, did he?" There was a burst of discontent from the audience. Soon, it was three o'clock. Still no one stood on the competition platform, and no one came in outside the guild hall. What do you mean? Is that Fang Yu really not coming? On the table next to the contest platform, there are three congenital ten-dan warriors, who are the witnesses of the contest and are also equivalent to the referee. One of the witnesses stood up and looked at Yang Jian, asking if he wanted to wait any longer. Wait another five minutes. Yang Jian said calmly. Three minutes later, Fang Yu still did not appear, and there was a commotion in the audience. This Fang Yu is too wimpy, isn't he? There are so many of us waiting to see, and he's not coming!? "I received the news at twelve o'clock today. I drove more than two hours from other cities in the afternoon, but I couldn't see it." "Damn, what kind of bullshit opponent Yang Jian has made an appointment with." Yang Shaorong and Yang Yinzhu, who were sitting in the front row of the auditorium, also looked gloomy at this time. They wanted to announce Yang Jian's return with this duel and show the strength of the Yang family at the same time. But did not think, Fang Yu unexpectedly does not come directly. This upset their plans. Damn! When I was at Tang's house in the morning, I should have solved Fang Yu! Yang Yinzhu gnashed his teeth and clenched his fists. But on the other side, where Tang Mingde and Ji Dongshan were sitting, several people were relieved. What they were most afraid to see was that Yang Jian defeated Fang Yu on the competition platform, or even killed Fang Yu directly. Now Fang Yu did not come to the duel, but let them breathe a sigh of relief. It was soon 3:05 in the afternoon. The witness stood up, ready to announce that the duel was called off. The audience at the scene cursed, all cursing Fang Yu, the coward. But at that moment, a figure appeared from the entrance of the guild hall. It was Fang Yu. Sorry,Glass Cream Jars, I overslept. Fang Yu said loudly to Yang Jian. The audience suddenly quieted down, and everyone was looking at Fang Yu. This lets Yang Jian come back to duel by name, who is sacred in the end.