What do you think about the music of Elden Ring?

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Speaking on the latest show of Hot Ones, Post Malone was asked about his passion for video games, specifically with regard to music. In D2R Ladder Items the response, Malone asked host Sean Evans whether he'd been performing Elden Ring on his own.

Evans claimed that he had not had any idea, which lead to Malone suggesting the game. Even so, Post Malone explained that the game requires him to turn the music off when playing Elden Ring because it stresses him out too much.

"I turn the music to the point of being completely silent (in Elden Ring] because it is absurd. It's like choirs, not of angels, [but of demons. They're going to f*** you out.' It's not possible to will survive," Post Malone said of the game's soundtrack. "After fighting I'm shaking and I'm forced to leave or smoke and I'm like"I need to get my head back in order.'"

You can watch the video from Post Malone talking about Elden Ring right here:Even though Post Malone seems to have a love-hate relationship with the music from Elden Ring, he went on to say that some of the most memorable music he's ever encountered comes from other video games.

He specifically cited titles like Skyrim, The Legend of Zelda, and Mario Bros. as just few of his favorites. Even though the Elden Ring score might be quite overwhelming for him to bear sometimes, it appears like he's not one to turn off the in-game soundtrack frequently.

What do you think about the music of Elden Ring? Do you agree with Post Malone that it only enhances the stress felt during boss fights?SquareEnix Says HD-2D Style Is Actually quite expensive in the past few years.

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