Shangguan Dingping traces thousands of miles.

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The heart of the Wooden Sword Ten Thousand Buddhas leaned precariously against the trunk of the tree

The heart of the Wooden Sword Ten Thousand Buddhas leaned precariously against the trunk of the tree. He thought he was so angry that he shouted angrily, "Shut up!"! Your Excellency has given me a palm, and I will repay you in the next life! "Do you know you won't live long?" Zhang Gelu sneered? Ha-ha! Tell you, but really no one can be in my'heart palm 'and can survive, you obediently take out that picture, I can fill your palm, how to reduce your pain? Wooden Sword Wanxin was out of breath. Pointing the wooden sword in his hand at more than ten people in front of him, he said bitterly, "You thieves, just because I took one person, you want to destroy my whole family?"? Hum! Heaven has eyes and will not let you be rewarded! One of the young men seemed to feel impatient. He opened his mouth and shouted, "It seems that you want us to do it ourselves. Martial Uncle, let's not waste time." Zhang Gelu smiled sullenly. His ugly face twisted into a cruel smile and he said, "Do you hear the hearts of ten thousand Buddhas?"? I can't bear to torture you any more when I see you hurt so badly! The hearts of the ten thousand Buddhas were red in their eyes. "Poof!" They spat and said quietly, "Humph! Those who eat shit actually think shit stinks. You have to go! It's not good to see my wooden sword! Zhang Gelu was so angry that he smiled angrily. He looked straight at the hearts of ten thousand Buddhas with cold eyes and approached him step by step. Long Renfei felt that Merkli's hand was a little surprisingly cold, but he was attracted by the following dynamic and did not notice Merkli's abnormal situation. At this time, the people holding torches also came one after another, illuminating the forest as if it were day. Fortunately, the branches and leaves on the top of the pine tree were flourishing, and all the people were paying attention to their hearts, so no one noticed the dragon flying on the top of the tree. Long Renfei saw Soglu's raised palm, which contained a black gas, about the size of a copper coin, and the woodcut of the heart of ten thousand Buddhas pointed directly at the black block, but it looked very weak. At the bottom of the valley, there was a roar, which was like a dragon singing, with a long and clear momentum, like an ape singing in Wushan Mountain, and a dragon roaring in the sky. The sound rises at the bottom of the valley, and when it falls, it is already on top of everyone's head. The body of the comer is really very fast, and it really has the momentum of a thousand miles. When Zhang Gelu heard the whistling, he was about to make a move when he shouted, "Stop!" Then a hurricane struck Zhang Gelu fiercely, and like a gust of wind, a white shadow had blocked the mind and body of ten thousand Buddhas. Zhang Gelu only felt that the wind of the enemy's palm was the only thing he had ever seen in his life, and he immediately pulled back without hurting the enemy. The savior of the sudden landing was also an old man, with gray hair and beard, fine eyes and nose, and a long appearance that was not pleasing to the eye. Shocked, Zhang Gelu shouted, Inflatable indoor park , 'Who are you?' The strange old man was dressed in cloth and looked rustic. "Don't you know your father?" He said with a giggle. Zhang Gelu was so angry that he gave a loud roar and clapped his hands. "That wild boy dares to interfere in our affairs!" He scolded. The strange old man was so calm that he turned a blind eye to Zhang Gelu's full effort to split a palm, and greeted him with a single palm- "Boom!" A piece of flying sand and stones, the wind did not move under the feet of the strange old man, Zhang Gelu actually "pedal" to step back. If I don't care about your family, who will! Lao Tzu is ninety years old this year. Why don't you kneel down and kowtow to me and call out your ancestors? This sentence is said to Zhang Gelu's descendants. This sentence caused dozens of people around to shout in unison, Zhang Gelu saw that he was going to be unable to get off the stage, and with a light roar in his mouth, he suddenly rushed to the strange old man again. Zhang Gelu was surprised by this strange old man's excellent martial arts. "Are you going to get involved in this muddy water, my friend?" He shouted in a deep voice. The strange old man raised his head and laughed, and his left palm slowly blocked the opponent's offensive, and his right foot stepped forward, all of a sudden standing in a favorable position. The strange old man's face seemed to be smiling, and wrinkles were squeezed out of his pale skin. "So what if it is? So what if it isn't?" He asked. Zhang Gelu was ordered to pursue the important criminals this time. Except for a thousand-handed Tathagata Shi Yongqian, the rest of the more than ten people behind him were all first-class protectors of the Dharma. They would not have any effect on this strange old man with extremely high martial arts. If not, please go away. If yes, please sign up. Our'Black Palm Chasing Soul 'will send you away! Zhang Gelu said word by word that he dared to get this "black palm chasing soul" recently. Elegant name. The strange old man nodded tauntingly and asked, "Were all those people in the castle killed by you?" "Yes," said Zhang Gelu proudly. "Do you want to taste it?" "Listen!"! I don't want to take your heart-destroying palm, hum! But there's a guy who wants to taste it! Said the strange old man. Who Zhang Gelumuming, therefore, immediately asked. When the hearts of ten thousand Buddhas were at the end of their tether, there was only one savior in front of them. Naturally, he handed the world-famous wooden sword to the strange old man. This is the thing! The head of the strange company shook the wooden sword in his hand and said nonchalantly. Come on! Zhang Gelu shouted, unexpectedly hit the abacus of the group attack, a wave of the hand of a dozen people that is to attack the strange old man standing. The strange old man stood in a very good position, only to see that he was already standing on the side of the wooden sword Wanxin, facing the enemy with his back to the tree, and controlling the whole situation. These dozens of first-class Dharma protectors are not weak, plus Zhang Gelu and Shi Yongqian, their potential is really not to be despised. Shi Yongqian was already unsheathed and connected to Zhang Gelu. He was the first to attack, only to see that he was not attacking the strange old man, but attacking the heart of ten thousand Buddhas standing against the tree. What a cruel thief!. Strange old man cold drink a way, in the hand wooden sword a circle, lightly drew a semicircle arc, not only sealed Zhang Gelu offensive, but also blocked Shi Yongqian vicious sword. Ten thousand Buddhas knew that their lives were like fireflies in the waning autumn, and they automatically leaned closer to the tree pole so that the savior could give full play to it. The strange old man seemed to be so heroic that he shouted, "a group of grandchildren, all of them!" The strange old man was very skillful. Although he was holding a piece of wood in his hand, he still had an advantage for a while. A long sword went up and down, scattering sword flowers all over the sky from time to time. Because of the obstruction of three ancient pines, more than ten other people could only run around and shout. Zhang Gelu, Shi Yongqian's two palms and one sword have taken up the whole space. With their skill, they can't reach in yet. Zhang Gelu's skill was indeed extremely deep, and the wind from his palms was like an avalanche, and he attacked the strange old man with one palm after another. The swordsmanship of the strange old man was extremely skillful,Inflatable 5k obstacle, and his hands were dotted with circles. The strength of the chapter Gru, which was heavier than the mountains, disappeared without a trace like a stone sinking into the sea.