Frost flies in June

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Gao Renfeng smiled and said, "It doesn't matter. Even if he runs away, at most he will just run back to Nanchang to sue me and

Gao Renfeng smiled and said, "It doesn't matter. Even if he runs away, at most he will just run back to Nanchang to sue me and wait for Mei Fuzong to settle accounts with me." "Director," said Sharon in a low voice, "my uncle has lost heart about everything after this change. He wants me to tell him that he is going to recall the children of the Samanas and get out of this circle. He will never be involved in disputes again." "How many people are there in your door?" "There are still three people left in Tianfu." "I'm afraid Mei Fuzong won't let him go!"! "Then open the door and break up with those three people. If anything happens in the future, please don't come to us again." Gao Renfeng said with a smile, "I can accept it, but I'm afraid Mei Fuzong won't. He will certainly come to you and ask about the killing of his men." 'Where.. What to do? We can't afford to offend the director, nor can we afford to offend Mei Fuzong. Director, please show us a way out.. "I killed him," said Gao Renfeng. "If he asks about you, tell him the truth. If you hang out with him again, you can't blame me. I'm sorry. I've offended you so much today. I'll leave." He waved the troops away and led the people away. When Sharon spoke soft words, he could not be ruthless, because he was not the kind of person who could really be ruthless. After arriving at the Shilang Mansion and returning to the room, they resumed their original identities. Leng Hanyue said with a smile, "Wen Qing, you are so cruel today that you don't leave any leeway to kill them all." Shui Wenqing also laughed and said, "I have to play such a ruthless role to make Ning Di believe me and support me to fight against Tianfu." "But you've gone too far. Will King Ning put you in an important position?" "Yes, because I have no team,Inflatable dry slide, no private, I use his original people, unlike Mei Tie Hen, who uses all private, he thinks he can completely control me, so he will encourage me to oppose Tianfu, or even replace Tianfu as a whole,Inflatable mechanical bull, Mei Tie Hen will cultivate private power, but I will not." "But if you do this, the resentment with Mei Tie will get deeper and deeper. When Mei Keqing escapes back, Mei Tie will come to you by himself." "Mei Tie Hen will come to me by himself, but Mei Keqing can't go back." "Did you send someone else to intercept him?" "No, I didn't know there was a secret passage." "Why can't Mei Keqing go back? Didn't he escape?" "Old Fei will stop him for me. His men also have Samana children. Naturally, they know the secret passage. That Shaqiang will tell him." "How could Fei Chutian help us?" "Boss Fei was also angry in Tianfu. Mei Tie didn't take him as his own person. He hid everything from him because he was from King Ning, not from Tianfu. King Ning wanted him to support me.". Of course he will obey. "But he doesn't dare to help you fight against Tianfu!" "Of course, but he will cut off Mei Keqing to me and sell me favors. Of course, he also hopes that I will fight with Mei Tie and lose both sides, so that he can reap the benefits." This guy is so hateful that we can't be fooled by him. "What do you say?" "He handed Mei Keqing over, and we quietly put him back and asked him to share some of the responsibility." Shui Wenqing said with a smile, "If I were really Gao Renfeng, I really should do this, large inflatable water slide ,Inflatable indoor park, but I am Shui Wenqing, so I can't do this." "What are you going to do?" "Take his favor, chop Mei Keqing with a knife, and then ask someone to send his head back to Nanchang, directly inform Mei Tie Hen, and tell him to respect my authority as the head of the capital in the future, especially not to kill our people." "Will Mei Tie hate this?" "I don't think he could bear it, but he didn't dare to fight with King Ning, so he had to come down to me in private." Leng Hanyue said excitedly, "That's great. If we get rid of Mei Tie, Tianfu will collapse.". Without Tianfu as a pawn for King Ning, his ambition would cease. ” Shui Wenqing sighed softly, "It is not Tianfu that supports King Ning's ambition, but the hundreds of thousands of troops in Nanchang and several vassal kings who support him. But if Tianfu is destroyed, it will be easier for us to grasp his situation and make preparations in advance.." Just then, the servant had come to report that Fei Chutian, the head of the East Factory gown, had asked to see him. Leng Hanyue said with a smile, "You really anticipate things like a God. Fei Dadangtou really sent Mei Keqing to you." Shui Wenqing expected some things to be accurate. As expected, Fei Chutian cut Mei Keqing. The secret was enough to give to Gao Renfeng. Gao Renfeng was the only one. Shouldering the responsibility of killing all, cut off the head of Mei Keqing, sealed up, together with a strongly worded letter, sent to Nanchang together, please rather Wang to Tianfu, blame Mei Tie hate should not send someone to kill Lin Guang without authorization.. But plum iron hate reaction is quite surprising, he not only didn't get angry, but with a letter to apologize, said this is the children generation is still young, regardless of the overall situation, killed Lin Guang without authorization, thank you Gao Renfeng for him is the door rules, said Gao Renfeng don't kill them, he himself will be strictly punished, to Gao Renfeng in the capital as very praise, hope to work together in the future, Help King Ning together and accomplish great things together. Long Xingyu looked at it and said with a smile, "Shidui, you can do it. I finally told the old man to bow his head and bend his knees." But Gao Renfeng said with a heavy face, "Mei Tie hates that he is not a person who is willing to bow his head. He no longer acts on impulse. I am worried because I don't know what he will do next." Long Xingyu looked around and said in a low voice, "Brother Shui!"! Now there is no one else, brother can call you another identity, but also revealed a confidential message, Mei Tie hate ready to deal with you. Shui Wenqing was shocked. "Where did Brother Long get the news?" "No news,inflatable bounce house with slide, just a judgment, because Mei Tie hated to go to the palace to discuss your affairs with King Ning and explore King Ning's attitude." "What does King Ning say?" "That's an old fox. What else would he say? He only said to Mei Tie Hen that you did a good job in the capital. For the sake of the overall situation, please give more tolerance and support to Mei Tie Hen. That's why Mei Tiehen had that affectation." 。