We haven't put together anything similar to that

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"It's most likely worth noting that it's cost is higher than you think. In this way, it's an ideal fit to the games that are coming out of Square Enix D2R Ladder Items. It's possible that there's nothing to gain from the other companies that are copying it," Asano told 4gamer.Fortunately, that cost isn't stopping Square Enix from releasing more games in this style.

An updated version of Live a Live is set to be exclusive to Nintendo Switch in July, as a remake of Dragon Quest III is currently in the process of being made. There are several games that could benefit from the style, so it'll be fascinating to observe what Square Enix does with HD-2D in the future. While the company has clearly invested in this style of graphics, Asano went on to say that there's no present "definitive book," and it will continue to change from one games to.

"We haven't put together anything similar to that. The way it's described will differ for each title, and the HD-2D flavour will differ slightly each time. With Live A Live for example the mood in the prehistoric portion will differ from the sci-fi story.

Our expression options have increased thanks to the new ideas we've devised. "While the cost may be prohibitive for certain developers, HD-2D has definitely proved to be a draw for many gamers. It is our hope that we will continue to be able to see Square Enix find new ways to expand on the style and create more games to come!

Are you a huge fan of Square Enix's HD-2D titles? What game do you want to see recreated in this fashion? Comment below in the comments or share your thoughts on D2R Ladder Items Buy Twitter using the hashtag @Marcdachamp. Talk about games in general! Sony Reveals Plan to Close the PlayStation 4Sony is revealing plans to wind down it's PlayStation 4.