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The left palm of the God was cut off, leaving only the right hand holding the golden spear in one hand. In terms of flexibility,

The Golden Melody Award is the highest award in the circle of musicians. Countless singers have worked hard towards it. When Xia Yin entered the entertainment circle, he had been repeating with Lu Wanshan that he wanted to win the award. Lu Wanshan also accompanied Xia Yin to work hard for it. But now Lu Wanshan looked at Xia Yin in front of him, as if he had seen a big joke. Laugh at him for not knowing people clearly in those days, and laugh at Xia Yin for rushing to the doctor. Win the prize? Lu Wanshan sneered and said without mercy, "Xia Yin, are you still qualified to mention this?" Xia Yin, who has just entered the circle, is really conscientious. He stays in the practice room until very late every day. He seldom has a rest at ordinary times. He also stays in his room to write songs. At that time, Xia Yin could not receive many resources, let alone how good, but every Xia Yin would be treated with 100 million sincerity, because only in this way can more people know him and better promote songs. However, Xia Yin's state did not last long. After waiting for a little fame, he was also infected with the bad habits in the circle. How could he be serious when he first entered the circle. Lu Wanshan's words made Xia Yin speechless, so he had to look at Lu Wanshan with tight lips, in an attempt to make Lu Wanshan softhearted, and help him for the sake of his feelings. When Xia Yin and Lu Wanshan fell in love, Lu Wanshan was still a college student. In addition, Lu Wanshan kept a low profile at ordinary times. Unlike other rich second generation in the school, his trips were very eye-catching. So where did Xia Yin guess that Lu Wanshan had such a good life experience. If he had known that Lu Wanshan had such a good family background, he could not have broken up with him at the beginning. But Xia Yin's mind is obviously going to fail. Lu Wanshan glanced at him lightly, then raised the corners of his mouth and lightly threw out a sentence that could be the last straw to crush Xia Yin, "Xia Yin, don't treat others as fools. What you have done is not really deceiving the world." Will meet Xia Yin in the "Mountains and Rivers" crew, which is really unexpected in Lu Wanshan, after all, before that, although Xia Yin also took over the drama, mostly some of the network drama, but also one of the insignificant roles. But this time Xia Yin took the film directed by a famous director, and even had a certain supporting role, which made Lu Wanshan feel strange. Although Xia Yin was confused at the beginning,Quillaja Saponin, with Lu Wanshan's understanding of him, Xia Yin's focus of work was still on music, and acting was only an occasional pastime. But as long as Xia Yinan points, do not play the idea of some people, then Lu Wanshan will not be against him, so although there is a little friction in the crew, but in general it is also OK. Until yesterday, Lu Wanshan still thought so. The real truth, however, was far from what he had imagined and much more calculating. Xia Yin will come to the crew to shoot, just aware of the danger, and then let the floating green help to put him into the "mountains and rivers" crew. And the reason why he chose this play is that the main character is Zhuang Xici. If a popular male star gets into trouble, not to mention what the studio will do, Lu Wanshan next to him will never be able to wait for death. Despite Lu Wanshan's general background, Xia Yin knew that he was capable, otherwise he could not have helped him so much in the early days of his debut, Kava Root Extract ,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, so as long as Lu Wanshan made a move, he could not have been too miserable. Facts have proved that Xia Yin guessed right. After arriving at the crew, Xia Yin saw that the relationship between Lu Wanshan and Zhuang Xici was better than he had imagined, and the better their relationship was, the better it would be for him. Xia Yin, did you do the birthday party on purpose? Lu Wanshan sneers, "we have to go, we have to go ahead of time also do not stop, I was still thinking that your heart is so good?" Lu Wanshan's voice was very cold, and what he said made Xia Yin tremble. "Later, I realized that you didn't care what Zhuangxi and I had done at all. You just needed us to be present." After the initial hot search came out, a video of Zhuang Xici was also circulated on the Internet, saying that he also participated in the absurd private activities. But the studio responded in time and suppressed the news. Lu Wanshan's tone was so aggressive that Xia Yin pursed his lips and could not say a word. Fortunately, Lu Wanshan did not really want Xia Yin to speak, he squinted at Xia Yin, the heart suddenly gave birth to a sense of disgust, do not understand why he sat here and Xia Yin waste time. Lu Wanshan smiled and planned to make a quick decision. "Xia Yin, I warned you six years ago, but how did you answer me then?" Lu Wanshan sneered, "Since you didn't listen to other people's advice at the beginning, now that something has happened, you should learn to be responsible for it." At that time, they would break up, in addition to Xia Yin climbing the rich second generation, but also because he contracted a series of bad habits, clubbing and drug abuse are two of them. So don't hope that I will help you, "Lu Wanshan said coldly." You should know better than others what kind of person I am. " Lu Wanshan raised the corners of his mouth, stood up and left a benevolent blessing to Xia Yin, "Take care of yourself, and do well in the future." But before Lu Wanshan had finished speaking, he was interrupted by Xia Yin. Xia Yin eagerly stood up, regardless of self-esteem, crying to pull Lu Wanshan's hand, "Lu Wanshan you help me, I do not want to go to prison, I do not want to be banned." "I beg you," Xia Yin hands force, pull Lu Wanshan hand pain, "I know you can help me, you don't refuse me." Xia Yin, who is also an insider, knows all too well the impact of a popular star coming out of the closet. However, after Zhuang Xi resigned and came out of the closet, none of the online marketing accounts ended up with a blind rhythm. Xia Yin doesn't think it's the result of Zhuang Xi's resignation studio. If it is not Zhuang Xici's studio, it can only be Lu Wanshan's handwriting. Xia Yin could not imagine how powerful the forces behind Lu Wanshan were, but he knew that such Lu Wanshan could help him. Lu Wanshan glanced at Xia Yin and suddenly felt a strong sense of disgust. He did not understand how the young man with light in his eyes at that time had become like this. But in the final analysis, what Xia Yin has become has little to do with him. So Lu Wanshan mercilessly broke Xia Yin's hand and once again told him clearly that it was impossible. Xia Yin listens to Lu Wanshan to say so, the bottom of my heart is cool, just want to say again, there Lu Wanshan did not give him this opportunity to open his mouth. Xia Yin, you should be glad that I still remember some affection,Theobromine Powder, otherwise. Lu Wanshan raised the corners of his mouth and sneered, "With this play you directed and acted by yourself, I can make you unable to come out for the rest of your life." 。