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The left palm of the God was cut off, leaving only the right hand holding the golden spear in one hand. In terms of flexibility,

Put the coffee cup on the table, to Sheng carelessly point to Su Yihuan's nose, "you this guy is really not cute, rare to meet, do not exchange feelings with me, the problem comes directly." After that, she took Su Yihuan's arm and said, "I just got off work. Why don't we go shopping, sublimate our feelings, and talk about other things?" Su Yihuan frowned slightly and seemed to be thinking about the possibility of this problem. Xiang Sheng had already dragged her out of the door. Sometimes people's first feeling is really strange. Just as before, Su Yihuan would not have expected that he, who had always avoided strangers like snakes and scorpions, would have an inexplicable trust in a stranger. When did this trust begin? Xiang Sheng drove Mr. Lu away for her? Xiang Sheng ate the cake she didn't like for her? Maybe earlier. Because Su Yihuan can clearly feel that his body does not seem to hate the contact to Sheng. Do you know? Don't look at me now, I look like a flower, but I used to.. "Xiang Sheng drew a circle in the air mysteriously.". Of course,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, she also succeeded in attracting Su Yihuan's attention. The girl, who had always looked pale, raised her eyes and said, "People's facial features will gradually unfold with the growth of their bodies. For example, when a child is born, her face is wrinkled and crowded together,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, but as she grows older, she will look better and better." Xiang Sheng put his face close to Su Yihuan and opened his mouth sincerely. "In fact, what I want to say is that I looked better when I was a child than I do now." Su Yihuan, who had a tight face, suddenly smiled. Seeing this, Xiang Sheng returned to normal and said, "That's right. People have to live in time, worry less and be happy more." Su Yihuan looked at Xiang Sheng with deep meaning. I heard Lu Zhiwen mention Xiang Sheng before. But he only said that Xiang Sheng was the most famous psychologist, and her husband was very rich and spoiled her. But now she felt that no matter how good her husband was, it was his good fortune to marry Xiang Sheng. This woman is probably the most transparent woman in life. Being with happy people is contagious, at least that's what she thinks now. The two men had no purpose and went round and round for a long time. Finally, Glucono Delta Lactone ,L Methylfolate Factory, Xiang Sheng led Su Yihuan to a milk tea shop. Ordered a cup of hot milk tea for her. Does it feel good to sweat profusely? Xiang Sheng bit the straw and asked in a low voice. The journey of two people is fast all the way. Su Yihuan wiped the sweat stains on his forehead with a tissue. "Great." At least after the exercise, her heart was not as heavy as before. People often say that exercise should go to the gym, and then let the fitness coach draw up the most comprehensive fitness plan, as long as the coach's plan will certainly achieve satisfactory fitness results. Picking out his rose-red fingernails, Xiang Sheng smiled coquettishly. "But I think the plan can't catch up with the change. It's better to start from life than waste so much manpower and financial resources. You see, we went shopping today and lost calories. Isn't it beautiful and harmonious?" Su Yihuan seemed to think of something, looked up at the person in front of him, half ringing down his eyes, whispering, "Thank you." She has a high IQ, so she only needs a little help from Sheng, and she understands what she means. Lu has always said that she is Lu Zhixing's medicine, but even if she is really willing to wholeheartedly cooperate with Lu Zhixing's treatment, Lu Zhixing will not necessarily improve. Xiang Sheng likes to get along with smart people without thinking. Originally she also thought that if Su Yihuan still could not understand, she should tell her in another way. At that time, she could choose to refuse Su Yihuan directly, and she was willing to take Su Yihuan for such a walk. It was purely to dispel the doubts in the girl's mind. After all, she's not the only psychiatrist in the city. She refused, and Su Yihuan could go to find something else. But Lu Zhixing's condition, she knew, was already the worst. If Su Yihuan likes Lu Zhixing, she will try to pull Su Yihuan into the treatment even if she violates professional ethics. After all, Su Yihuan met enough conditions for Lu Zhixing to rely on. But it's not. So even if Lu Zhixing gets better because of Su Yihuan's condition, he will try to break off contact with Su Yihuan after that. What can't be done now, how can it be done later. She knows how extreme people with split personalities and irritability can be. Now to meet Mr. Lu's request is to push Su Yihuan into the fire pit. She is not a pure person. But she's definitely not going to push people into the fire. After drinking the milk tea, Xiang Sheng took Su Yihuan to eat other snacks. Su Yihuan seldom goes shopping, but today's relationship with Xiang Sheng is really like a party between girlfriends. She was grateful. But there are also doubts, "In fact, you can make it clear to me at the beginning of the hospital." The time she passed in the afternoon coincided with her working time. So at that time she knew very well that Xiang Sheng was deliberately absent from work to accompany her. Sometimes timing is very important, and the same answer will have different results at different times. Su Yihuan was in a low mood when he just came in. So at that time, even if she communicated with Su Yihuan kindly, Su Yihuan would only go in one ear and out the other. The hospital was originally a place to see a doctor. Heavy and depressing. It can directly affect people's mood. So at that time, at that place, she was not fit to say anything to Su Yihuan. Mr. Lu came to ask questions yesterday. Su Yihuan opened her mouth lightly. She has a full sense of identity with Xiang Sheng. At this time, the conversation is like a private chat between girlfriends. Sure enough,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, Xiang Sheng frowned angrily. "Is this old man finished?"? Say no and don't stop. The angry look of a beautiful woman is pleasing to the eye. Su Yihuan could not help looking at it carefully. And hooked his lips. After Xiang Sheng angrily arranged the old man Lu, he suddenly asked with a serious face, "Do you like Lu Zhiwen?"? How much I like it. How much? Su Yihuan was stunned by this topic. pioneer-biotech.com