Meng Jiangnu of time travel

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The left palm of the God was cut off, leaving only the right hand holding the golden spear in one hand. In terms of flexibility,

"Yes, we have a cute little DD." In order to distract Nian'er's attention, Fu Su teased Feng'er and said, "Little DD, what can you do?" Yifeng tried very hard to hold out his small chest, with the momentum of a small adult: "Hum, I am not small!"! I'm a little man, and I want to protect my mother. Volume 3, Volume 6, Chapter 168, Xiaoxiu Volume 6 Chapter 168 Xiaoxiu He looked at the tearful mind, and then said, "Yes, from now on, I will protect this sister." "Poof.." Originally sad and tearful, Nianer was also amused by his words and could not help laughing. —————————— Free in the Lotus Pavilion of the Palace Garden. Two maids stood at the entrance to the pavilion. Sitting on the veranda in the pavilion was a lady, who was dressed in a silver-vermilion long dress of fine cloud brocade, broad silk and acacia, which made her slender figure shine like a touch of crimson clouds. The pearl on the sapphire hairpin with the sea water pattern on the temples is moving like a delicate pistil. At this time, she was bowing her head and sprinkling the fish bait in her hand into the pond. The red carp swarmed over, fighting for the bait floating on the water. A maid hurried from the palace gate to the entrance of the pavilion, and she paused. There was some hesitation on his face. The lady did not look back, but said, "Emerald, what happened in such a hurry?" The emerald is stupefied, hurriedly walks into the pavilion.. He whispered in his wife's ear. 。 There was a sound of "bang", and the dish containing the bait in the lady's hand fell to the ground and smashed. What The lady suddenly raised her head, and it turned out to be Xiaoxiu. She looked at the emerald in astonishment, and her face floated. A complex layer of expression There is joy, surprise, worry.. He was speechless. After a while, she turned her head faintly and said. Mumbling : "Miss is back. Miss, she's back at last." She stood up, emerald hurried forward to hold her arm, to the pavilion. Walk outside 。 "Where are you going in such a hurry, Empress?" Whispered Feicui. Xiao Xiu looked up at the gate of the palace and said,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, "The young lady is back. Of course I want to go.". Pay a visit, miss 。” "Empress," Emerald said cautiously, "Empress, don't think Emerald is talkative. Now you are the empress. And the goddess is already on an equal footing, how can she be called Miss? What's more, the empress now has a young son, and I don't know how many times more noble than the goddess. By rights, she should respectfully call you empress! When Xiao Xiu heard this, suddenly.. Stop your steps 。 Angrily rebukes: "talkative!"! As a slave, the master is not what you can talk about, the slap mouth! Feicui trembled all over and broke out in a cold sweat. She fell to her knees with a splash and kowtowed like garlic, pleading, "Empress, the maidservant knows she's wrong. Please forgive her.". The maidservant will never dare again. "Humph!" Xiaoxiu snorted coldly, and her handsome face was covered with a layer of frost. "For the sake of your kindness on weekdays, I'll let you go today.". If you dare to talk nonsense again next time, this palace will not forgive you. Get up! "Thank you, cosmetic packaging wholesale ,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, empress, thank you!" The emerald's face was pale, and she bowed her head and followed him, not daring to say a word more. Er, yes, "Xiao Xiu stopped and looked back at another maid next to her." Jasper, where is the young man? " The maid, whose name was Jasper, came over and replied, "Tell the empress that the young man and Mammy were in the palace. The empress said that the young man was too young to be exposed to the wind outside, so he never came out." Xiao Xiu frowned for a moment and said, "Go and bring me the young man." Jasper took the order and left. Not long after, a Mammy came back behind Jasper with a little boy in her arms. When the boy saw Xiao Xiu, he stretched out his hands and shouted, "Mother, mother, mother." "Yu Er." Xiaoxiu stretched out her hand to take him over, and her face was filled with spoiling: "Yuer, today my mother will take you out to play. Will you go?" "Oh, go out to play, Yuer wants to go out to play, too." Yuer clasped his mother's neck tightly with both hands and kept rubbing it against her face. Well, but Yu Er must be obedient. "Xiao Xiu kissed him on his little face.". But in the heart is thinking, the young lady's child is also four months older than Yuer, now should also be so big, but do not know is male or female? When she reached the gate of the palace, she hesitated for a moment and said, "Jasper, go and call Pian'er." Jasper was stupefied and said, "Didn't Sister Pian'er be sent out of the palace by the empress?" "Er," Xiaoxiu stayed for a while, and then went to Yangqi Palace. Xiaoxizi was in the yard, and when he saw Xiaoxiu and his party, he was stunned, and his smiling face was suddenly covered with a layer of indifference. He knelt down and saluted, saying, "The slave pays his respects to Xiufei." "Xiaoxizi, alas." To his indifferent face, Xiao Xiu sighed, then waved his sleeve and said, "Get up!" Hearing her sigh, Xiaoxizi's body trembled slightly. He did not look up at her, but stood up and pulled Yifeng back silently. Where is Miss? Xiao Xiu asked. The empress is in the room. Xiaoxizi said coldly. Alas.. Xiaoxiu looked at him, sighed again, opened his mouth to say something, but stopped the topic when his eyes touched Yifeng. She looked at the little man carefully. Sure enough, he was about the same size as Yu Er. Looking at the familiar eyebrows and eyes, she squatted down gently in front of him and said, "Are you the little childe?"? What's his name? Yifeng puffed out his chest and said, "Who are you?" Xiaoxiu is stupefied, laugh immediately: "I am Xiaoxiu, young childe, take me to see your mother?" Xiao Xiu. Okay, I remember. Yifeng smiled and clapped his hands like a little adult. "Come on, I'll take you to see my mother." With these words, he skipped to the house. Looking at his back and looking sideways at his Yuer, Xiaoxiu could not help but open her mouth wide in amazement. But she quickly came to her senses,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, looked back at Mammy, who was holding Yuer in her arms, and then followed Yifeng to the hall. The Mammy hurriedly hugged Yuer and followed closely behind.