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The left palm of the God was cut off, leaving only the right hand holding the golden spear in one hand. In terms of flexibility,

Very funny, simply can not break my defense, 245 points of Qi and blood for my 4520 total Qi and blood is nothing! On the contrary, the attack of sweeping thousands of troops and breaking the shield chop caused a great blow to the ghoul! “1789!” “1864!” “1822!” “3205!” The attack power of the broken shield chop is really too big, although the skill introduction says 120% -150% attack power bonus, but in fact, the broken shield chop not only has the effect of breaking the shield, but also has a certain degree of ignoring the physical defense effect, so the attack power of the broken shield is absolutely doubled! As a result, under this continuous powerful blow, the ghoul suddenly let out a scream of "Jie Jie" and fell apart and turned into a pile of flesh and blood. It looked disgusting. Fortunately, it was refreshed quickly. In less than two seconds, the blood seeped into the ground, leaving only the withered bones of the ghoul. Picking up the corpse of the ghoul with a flame gun, I picked up two gold coins from below. Ordinary monsters are not generous enough. Seeing that the exchange rate between gold coins and RMB has tended to be 1:1, it seems that it is not so easy to make money. This kind of monster of level 70 is just easy to play with my attributes. If I change to an ordinary player of level 40-50, I'm afraid it's good not to be chased by ghouls and cry for father and mother. With the advantage of the flame gun, plus the strength of several pieces of dark gold on my body and the growth of my own 12-star strength,30ml Dropper Bottle, the powerful attack power of the next skill combo can almost empty the blood of a level 70 ghoul. In this way, the speed of killing monsters can be called fast. In less than half an hour, half of the process of killing 100 ghouls has been completed. Not far away, many players came out from the east gate of Baiyun City, one by one jubilant like a festival, but when this group of people encountered the ghoul outside, it was not so relaxed,Serum Bottle With Dropper, two ghouls entangled a swordsman, two or three times to empty blood, straight scared the swordsman back again and again. I took a closer look, this swordsman player half-length silver and half-length bronze, level 45, it is no wonder that the attack power of the ghoul 820 has made such a mess. More and more players have come to the Moonlight Forest, and I don't care so much. Pikes are like dragons going to sea, constantly turning over ghouls one after another. In less than half an hour, the task is completed! I was probably the first player to complete the task. I quickly ran to the patrol captain Wacker and clicked on the dialogue. Wacker immediately laughed and said, "Brave young man, your strength is very surprising. Come on, this is your reward!" "Ding!" System Tip: You have completed the task [exterminate ghouls], gain 1200000 experience, 30ml dropper bottle ,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, gain 300 gold coins, reputation + 1200. Very good, the reputation of 1200 has shown that I spent an hour to complete this task is worth it! But the next moment, the patrol leader Wacker frowned again, worried, and said, "Although many ghouls have been killed, the Moonlight Forest is still under the control of the dark forces. Those hateful ghouls don't know what they are planning in the dark. Young warrior, are you willing to do your part for the kingdom?" "Ding!" System prompt: Do you want to accept the task? …… Without saying a word, of course, this follow-up task will be taken, otherwise the ghoul task just now will not be killed in vain! Click on the confirmation immediately, and the system bell rings again. "Ding!" System prompt: You have accepted the task [kill the corpse witch king]! (Current task difficulty: 625, unique task) Mission Content: Go to the depths of the Moonlight Forest, where there is a bloody sentry post garrisoned by the Dark Faction. Please kill 100 Necromancers and get the head of the Necromancer King. Be careful, those evil Necromancers and Necromancer Kings have very terrible dark magic, and they will brutally kill their opponents! …… I was slightly surprised that it was an advanced task with a difficulty of 625, and it was the only one. It was wise to be the first to go out of the city to complete the task of killing ghouls! Looked around, there have been a lot of players came to the moonlight forest, and then killing ghouls here is not realistic, after all, with a large group of people rob strange is no future, so, I directly carried a gun into the forest, the rear of several players stunned: "that boy into the moonlight forest!"! NB, dare to enter the forest alone, where the monsters must be above level 70! "Cut!"! He's looking for death. We don't have to worry about it. Keep killing ghouls! Night fell all around, and the moonlight forest at night was very quiet. The silver moonlight rippled in the forest, but it was temporarily occupied by the dark camp. The pale skeleton warriors dragged their epee and staggered in the forest. But I did not deliberately provoke these skeletons, after all, the purpose of my trip is not here. Drop! With a light sound, Ling Xue sent a message: "Idiot, how are you doing there?" I replied, "I've got a task and I'm working on it. How about you?" Ling Xue: "Take the task with my sister in the Adventurer's Guild!"! These tasks require levels, so my sister and I took a lot! I smiled and replied, "Then work hard!" "Well!" Dismissed Ling Xue, but think of Qin Yun again, what is this MM who has been my girlfriend for half an hour in the market during the day doing at this time? So I sent a message: "Qin Yun, how are you now?" Qin Yun immediately replied: "I am completing a team task with Ghost and Dragon Soul!"! Scholar, you send me a message, I am so happy. Qin Yun sent a smiling face amulet,Oil Dropper Bottle, I am a little embarrassed, it seems that since Qin Yun entered the studio, I lack the care she should have! Forget it. I'll make it up later..