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The left palm of the God was cut off, leaving only the right hand holding the golden spear in one hand. In terms of flexibility,

However, the boss forbade the waiter to publicize, thinking that these people would not go far, perhaps out of the city to visit relatives and friends, because the old carriage, left in the shop, can be worth more than fifty taels of silver. As soon as the morning card passed, some big men with ferocious eyebrows and evil eyes rushed into the shop and inquired about the whereabouts of the three men. As soon as the boss saw that the aim was wrong, he denied it. At the same time, there are three more uninvited guests in Qianlong Fort at the foot of Yunwu Mountain. In the absence of the master of the castle, even the servants had disappeared, and the cobwebs were dust-laden, which made it look gloomy and terrible. Qingshan Meixia Gong Yu remembered that he had come here three years ago, when he was still a child, and now that he had returned to the old place, how could he not be filled with emotion? He thought of Li Qufei, the leader of Qianlong Castle at that time, Yingfeng Xiacai, the hostess Qingfeng Nvxia Zhang Qian, who took care of herself like a loving mother, and Wan Xiangmei, who was naive and lively. Once upon a time, two old people, one died of poisoning, the other was captured by a peach-faced demon fox, and her life and death were uncertain, while Younger Martial Sister Wanxiang fell off a cliff by mistake and lost her memory due to the shock of her brain. The family, which had been extremely happy and peaceful, was destroyed by the ghost believers. Thinking of this, he was so angry that he struck a chestnut table with his palm. The table was so thick that it was smashed into pieces. He murmured, "I, Gong Yu,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, will not kill all the ghost believers. I swear I will not be a man!" One side of the smiling Luocha Fang Fang, is it not sad? He Tianheng, a scholar in jade flute, gold fan and blue clothes, was very sad, but he was afraid that the younger martial brother could not bear it and would confuse his plans. He said, "Yu Di, in the ghost mansion, in terms of strength, it is difficult to defeat all the heroes in the world, but if he uses it properly,Amber Dropper Bottles, the outcome is really unknown." At this point, he paused for a moment and then added, "For example, last night, the devils only had to force Wanmei to do it, and the situation would be more than ten times worse.". You should know that although Wanmei's martial arts are slightly inferior to yours, she can't beat her with her real skills. Besides, you have a lot of scruples, and your skills are discounted. As long as she entangles you, it's hard to get rid of her for a while. Although your Elder Martial Sister can compete with Changchun Fairy, I can only draw with Meatball Swordsman. Unfortunately, in such a situation, none of our three brothers can leave. Our death is a small thing, but it makes the world's martial arts elite lose, and no one can be the opponent of the Ghost Sect. Little brother, we must plan and act after we stop everything in the future, and we must not act on impulse. These words can make a beautiful swordsman in a green shirt sweat. Smiling Luocha Fang Fang said, "In terms of scheming, there are so many treacherous people in the Ghost Sect that they will never give up this favorable situation for nothing.". As for why it was not used, it must have something to do with the recovery of her memory. Qingshan Meixia suddenly recalled that she had a question and answer with Princess Jinque, which proved that she really had a sense of deja vu with herself, so she said everything about this encounter with Wanmei. He Tianheng, Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale ,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, a scholar in blue, said, "Oh, how could the Ghost Leader be so impolitic? She had already seen that Princess Jinque looked wrong when she saw you. I'm afraid that made her recover her memory. For this reason, I don't want her to come forward to fight." Smiling Raksha hesitated for a moment and said, "Be that as it may, if we don't hesitate to take risks and adopt the strategy of driving the tiger and swallowing the wolf, and put all our eggs in one basket, then in the future, as long as the two sages in Wulin don't come forward again, it will be the world of the Ghost Sect. If it doesn't work, we will kill Wan Xiang immediately, and then escape into the frontier wasteland, which will make us regret!" Qingshan Meixia Gong Yu said, "This plan, you.." Ling. Teach. It's time to. Nope Will. Ok Make. Come on! Elder Martial Sister! He always speaks fluently, but today, he actually stutters. The reason is that he was frightened by Elder Martial Sister's assumption that the other party might use the vicious stratagem of "driving the tiger to swallow ruthlessly"! Without even thinking about it, the smiling Raksha said, "In my opinion, 90% of the religion has already taken action!" "Sister Fang," said the scholar in jade flute, golden fan, and blue clothes, "since you know very well that you should have such a vicious plan, why do you have to drill into the tiger's mouth and move here from the Duyun Hostel. ” Smiling Luocha laughed and said, "You don't even understand that. It's really bad.." He Tianheng, a scholar in blue, glanced at the anxious Younger Martial Brother and said, "Sister Fang, I've always known you're resourceful. What's a good way?"? Why don't you say it and let's hear it? Smiling Luocha Fang Fang said, "The method may not be good, but this is the only way to deal with the Ghost Sect at present.". You know, we live in Qianlong Fort, and live in the city of Duyun, the same can not be quiet, why don't we live here? Since the Ghost Sect is wantonly searching for our whereabouts, Qianlongbao is no exception, but there are two advantages here. First, this house is where Sister Wan Xiang lived when she was a child. Once she comes, it will inspire her memories. If she doesn't come, isn't this an absolutely safe place? According to my judgment, they will never trust Sister Wan Xiang to enter the'Qianlong Castle '. As long as she doesn't come, no one in the Ghost Sect is the enemy of Brother Yu. In this way, it will become a waiting place. If the enemy comes one hundred, kill him fifty pairs first. Second, it is controlling the traffic of White Smoke Cliff. If the Ghost Sect wants to migrate and escape to other places, it can be seen here. In one fell swoop, this is why we have to move from Duyun to this deserted and uninhabited'Qianlong Fort '. The scholar in blue said with a smile, "This is just an armchair strategist. As for whether the enemy is like a God, it will be proved by facts later." Gong Yu suddenly frowned and said, "Elder Martial Brother, if you lose, there will be facts to prove it right away." As soon as the voice fell, there was even the sound of clothes breaking the wind, galloping toward "Qianlong Castle"! The three men immediately hid their figures. Just then, whoosh! Shoo! The sound, from outside the castle wall, shot down five figures. As soon as these five people appeared, they looked around and saw that the desolate garden was silent and the flowers and trees were sparse. The first one was Li Di No.7, with four men in black clothes, who were the remnants of the thirty-six ghosts. The numbers were: Ghost 19, 20, 21, and 22. Li Bao No.7 was originally a red-haired Tuo from Qinghai. He had accumulated evil like a mountain all his life. He was cunning and resourceful. Standing on the flower path, he ordered, "You are divided into two groups. Search for the enemy in the castle and coordinate with each other." The four men answered and immediately went to the castle in groups. Ghost 19, ghost 20,Glass Cream Jars, Fang entered the flower hall from the corridor, suddenly felt a numbness under his side, and suddenly lost consciousness. penghuangbottle.com