Chen Qingyun died in the city

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The left palm of the God was cut off, leaving only the right hand holding the golden spear in one hand. In terms of flexibility,

Zhang Dingshan's face was pale and his whole body trembled. What kind of skill is this? It can kill three peerless players in one fell swoop. This is not like skill, because it has exceeded the limit of general martial arts. However, the facts are in front of us, and nothing is false. Seven of the eight guards who were originally ambushed, together with more than ninety men in black, all appeared involuntarily. One by one, the young souls lost their souls. Zhang Dingshan retreated step by step, the insufferably arrogant city of death. Like a lamb facing a lion. Yu Wenlie followed the step. There was a dead silence, only the rustling of footsteps, which represented a terrible murder. One back. Retreating again, Zhang Dingshan stopped and said in a chestnut voice, "What do you want to do, ghost eater?" "I'll kill you!" The ending of the word "fate" was so long that it was creepy. Zhang Dingshan felt a shadow of death in his heart. He clenched his teeth and said, "Ghost eater, why do you want to be an enemy of this city?" "The city of death is full of charms, and I take eating ghosts as my ambition in life!" "What is your relationship with the Jade Shadow Shura couple?" "You don't have to do that. Now die!" Zhang Dingshan's face suddenly looked ferocious. "Even if I die, you may not be able to live," he said with a sharp smile. As he spoke, he felt and raised his hand in the forest, holding a small red ball in his hand. Yu Wenlie felt a shock in his heart. Zhang Dingshan ferociously tunnel: "This is the red hair country specialty Thunderball, unless you are not flesh and blood, otherwise the same crushed to pieces.". "Well, I'll die with you." Yu Wenlie took a step back subconsciously. Shaking in the shadow, the seven guards quickly occupied their respective positions, forming an encirclement in ten Zhangs. Each of them held a Thunderball in his hand. Zhang Dingshan laughed and said,Portable gold trommel, "Now we can talk about the terms." Turn the tables. Zhang Dingshan said proudly, "Gui Gui Ke, this big array of fire can be sprayed into a circle of fire walls ten feet high. With the addition of eight thunderballs, the King Kong cast in iron will also turn into molten iron." Then there was a burst of laughter. Yu Wenlie's heart was beating a drum, and the center of the field was ten feet away from the periphery. Eight thunderballs were enough to cover the whole field with the power of the explosion. With ninety-six flamethrowers, the sky was blocked, and it was really difficult to fly out even with wings. Mind not already, only to hear a voice in the circle of people: "My Lord, the explosive fuse has been newly repaired standby!" " Yu Wenlie unexpectedly looked up at the rock,mineral flotation, and saw three black-clad figures on the rock, and immediately stopped breathing. The three men did not know when to go up, and he regretted that he had not completely destroyed it at that time. As the saying goes, if you miss one move, you will lose the whole game. If the explosives explode and the mountain wall collapses, the consequences will be unimaginable. Strangely, one of Jiang Yaofeng's mother and daughter was at the peak, and the other was in the valley. Why was there no movement? Zhang Dingshan still holds the Thunderball tightly in his right hand. With his left hand held high, he said in a ferocious voice, "Ghost eater, before you die, enjoy the grandeur of the mountain peaks filling the valley." "How dare you!" Said Yu Wenlie in a chestnut voice. "Ha ha ha ha, why don't I dare?" At this critical moment, on the rock, there were several screams on the steep ground. Three men in black were thrown down the rock. The slender figure appeared on the rock. Yu Wenlie knew at a glance that it was his wife Jiang Yaofeng. When Zhang Dingshan ascended the mountain, his hair was flying, the sun was exploding, and he was staring at the direction of the rock. The opportunity is fleeting. Purple shadow a flash, magnetic separator machine ,gold CIP machine, followed by half a stuffy hum. Zhang Dingshan, the commander, was firmly grasped by Yu Wenlie, and the Thunderball in his hand was in Yu Wenlie's hand. All the dead city masters present, one by one, the souls of the dead were all out, and the sound of exclamations became one. No one saw how the masked man in the purple scarf made a move, nor did he expect him to risk it. Yu Wenlie said coldly, "Zhang Dingshan, what about now?" Zhang Dingshan's canthus was about to crack, and he roared, "This order is determined to die for the task.." As soon as Yu Wenlie's heart moved, he did not wait for him to give an order to point out his Yamen acupoint. He stopped him from saying the next half of the sentence. Then he raised his voice and shouted, "If you want Zhang Dingshan to live, put down your firearm immediately!" There was an uproar and a commotion, but no one put down their firearms. One of the seven protective orders shouted, "Listen to the order!" Yu Wenlie made a prompt decision. If he waited for the order to be issued, the consequences would be unimaginable. His body whirled up, floated eight feet, touched the ground a little, and bounced up again. It was so fast that people had no time to change their minds. At the same time, one of the seven protective orders had been issued: "Release!" "Long!"! Long! Loud noise, breaking clouds, smoke filled the air, four mountains of thunder, the whole earth trembling. Nearly a hundred black tubes spewed out flaming flames, interweaving into a sea of fire, which was thrilling. At the critical moment, Yu Wenlie shot Zhang Dingshan out of the circle of people. Looking at the fierce scene, he raised his arm and threw it into the air. Zhang Dingshan was thrown into the sea of fire. Close to the position of the guard and the hand of the fire tube immediately startled, shouted, reversed the mouth of the tube. Yu Wenlie threw the shock ball from Zhang Dingshan. Boom! There was a deafening noise, but when I saw the limbs flying, the tragic call broke through the air, and the fire net was missing one side. Yu Wenlie slightly does not stop, flies along the human circle, the double palm claps mutually. Strong waves roll wildly, and the characters are thrown into the sea of fire one after another. The flame sprayed by the black tube was burning, and the fire tube hand was almost killed or wounded, and the fire in the field was still fierce. A smell of burning flesh, with the smell of smoke, filled the whole mouth of the valley. This is a terrible massacre, which is extremely tragic. Yu Wenlie finished a circle, and no one was seen inside or outside the field, leaving only a few who were seriously injured and could not die, rolling and wailing, which added more mournful color to the tragic picture. Brother Lie, you didn't. Jiang Yaofeng led two palace makeup girls to arrive in a hurry, with pale cheeks and tears in her eyes. Yu Wenlie trembled and said, "Sister Feng, I'm all right!" "Thank God!" "I don't know what's going on in the valley." "All that enemy who have entered the valley have been wipe out!" Suddenly, a figure, stagger ran to, "Bang!" However, the servant could not afford it. "It's Grandma!" Cried Jiang Yao and Feng Li. That figure,tin beneficiation plant, impressively is the cold Raksha. The word Wenlie and can not help but exclaim, and Jiang Yaofeng almost at the same time rushed forward. Jiang Yaofeng bent down and shouted, "Grandma!"! Grandma 。