The eternal life of online games

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The left palm of the God was cut off, leaving only the right hand holding the golden spear in one hand. In terms of flexibility,

The left palm of the God was cut off, leaving only the right hand holding the golden spear in one hand. In terms of flexibility, it was not as good as before. At this moment, he was parrying Ling Yan, completely using the immortal power to operate, but the purple jade bracelet and the true formula of depression were consuming the immortal power in the God's body crazily. Tian Ao Shen Dao and the clouds on the (drizzle) have never stopped burning. Has not played many times, God will be out of breath, unexpectedly can not catch the last breath, the strength is more and more weak. If it goes on like this, I will be consumed to death by him sooner or later! God will be cold sweat DC, glanced more and more indifferent, can kill but more calm Ling Yan, the heart is already a horror. His explosive power! It's too strong! The God will exert his strength, a strong force on the golden spear, forced back a little Ling Yan, the God will directly turn around and fly out. However, as soon as he turned around, he found that he was surrounded in all directions. Countless dementors in armor and red eyes were looking at him covetously. Their butcher's knife was still dripping with blood, which was the blood of the heavenly sergeant. The air represents the majesty of the supreme dragon and the dirty and small ghosts, are intertwined flying together, the picture is so harmonious and magnificent, just a glance, people can not forget.. Looking at this scene, God will be stupefied, but the moment he lost his mind, he hurriedly his shoulder a pain,gold heap leaching, a sense of tearing. God will be shocked in the heart, just want to drive the strength, but found that his shoulder was completely cut off by Ling Yan, the hand holding the golden spear, floating leisurely toward the ground. In an instant, the face of God will be ashen. How is that possible? God will look at his body kept flashing above the chaos Vajra, look crazy up: "are chaotic artifacts, why can you break my Vajra?"? Impossible! What's impossible? You'll see later how I cut you off piece by piece! Ling Yan smiled coldly, holding a sword in both hands,gold cil machine, slowly flying in front of the God. Around the people, are silent, they grasp the blade, eyes with blood and tears, looking at the God will, but also looking at Ling Yan. Yes, they are proud enough. Today, these celestial immortals, Xuanxian, have witnessed the fall of an immortal emperor, and this immortal emperor has fallen into their hands. Soul General, you see, God will be useless! Look at that! The weak body of the magic dragon carried the dementor, swaying and soaring in the air. However, the dementor lying on the body of the magic dragon was pale and blind. His three souls and seven souls were immersed in his body and completely lost consciousness. "My Lord!" Surrounded by the dementor soldiers, looking at the dementor general's body, Qi Qi turned his head with blood and tears, looking at Ling Yan. Ling Yan already knows what to do. Ling Yan! If you want to kill me, Carbon in Pulp ,small gold wash plant, I'll bury you together. I'd like to see who among you can resist the self-explosion of the immortal emperor! Losing his weapon, losing his hands, even losing the defense of his armor, a trace of madness appeared on his face, and he shouted loudly around him. However, Ling Yan did not talk nonsense, the blood shadow behind him has been completely integrated into his body, at this time his whole person looks like a blood-red sun, constantly putting fierce light. Send you! Ling Yan wriggled his mouth and once again urged the'send you 'ring whose cooling time had been restored. Since.. "God has not yet opened his mouth, the sudden emergence of the law of space, then instantly imprisoned him.". God will be the immortal emperor in the end, 'send you' can not trap him too long, but even if it is lightning time, for Ling Yan, it is enough. Send Jun? The baby's name is just right! With a sneer, Ling Yan rushed toward God. When he reappeared, he was already standing behind the God. In his hand, he was holding a powerful golden statuette. This It is the original life of the God. 。 "If I destroy you, it will be cheaper for you!" Ling Yan held the life of the God who kept struggling, and looked at the weak magic dragon, as well as the dying dementor, already had attention in his heart.. .... .... God will be the life of nature can't be wasted, soul-taking general was seriously injured, this life to let it take, will be able to make soul-taking power greatly increased, but God will be the immortal emperor, soul-taking one person to take, I'm afraid can't bear the immortal emperor's intrepid power, Ling Yan will refine the life of God into more than ten points, to some extremely serious injuries, almost lost the soul of the soul guard or the use of the dragon, The Nothosaurus also got a piece. God will be a treasure all over his body, not to mention his weapon Lingjin Shenbing, just say that his chaotic artifact Chaos Vajra Armor is also a peerless treasure. After the God will die, Ling Yan naturally has to get some benefits, now the body of the chaotic equipment to kill the shadow of God was urged out of the hidden attributes, his strength somehow also became ferocious and turbulent up, just as the God will three souls and seven souls can help him stable repair, enhance strength, why not? After resting everything in situ, Ling Yan will be non-stop directly with the army hurriedly left here. Is it all packed? Ling Yan looked at the dementors and the dragons with a sad look of their own actions, taking good care of themselves. All the corpses that can be collected have been collected, but the souls are gone, and the corpses and souls of many brothers can't be found. I'm afraid it will go up in smoke ...” General Zhao, one of the ten generals, fought back the tears in his eyes. What we have done will not be done in vain, nor will their efforts be in vain! Ling Yan clenched his hands and endured the grief and indignation in his heart. "Let's go," he whispered! Get out of here quickly. It's not far from the Heavenly Camp. Everyone get out quickly! Paper can not wrap up the fire, Ling Yan does not think that the heavenly army died commander in chief, there is no movement yet, I am afraid that at the moment of God's death, they have begun to act, right? A group of troops, immediately toward the curtain of the plain outside, this battle, I am afraid they will never forget.. http:/// Chapter 1530 stars Above the vast sky,chrome washing machine, a magnificent building, which makes people feel energetic at a glance, is towering above the clouds.