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Ying Qiong has made great progress in the past year. She is different from her predecessor, and her temperament is much milder. Since the Second Primordial God was refined, the two places have been separated. I sit in the magic wave pool, work hard to practice the immortal method, and refine the warm jade of ten thousand years. The primordial spirit transformed by Dingzhu, day and night, is carefully defended on Yihuanling. In the first two days, Huiguang will appear and come and go to check. After the fear of ten thousand, Qin people said she was showing off, and saw that everyone was elated, but he seemed to be facing a formidable enemy, as if he thought highly of himself. He refused to be easy-going and went there twice, so he hid the pearl light. Every thought of the situation is not good, many of the same door mood is abnormal, underestimate the enemy too much, Yi Jing has not yet come back, they worry. Only Lin Han, Zhuang Yi, and Nvxian Yu Luan were available for confidants. Among the younger generation, the fire is harmless, steady and sophisticated. Although Qian Lai has a childlike innocence, he can still be obedient because of his many experiences and wisdom. As the date approached, he ordered the two men and yuan Xing to pay attention separately. The next day was a thunderstorm, and a flash flood broke out nearby. The flood was like ten thousand horses galloping, and the water vapor was everywhere. It was so heavy that the sky was so low that it was almost pressing on the head. At that time, there was a sudden thunderclap, which shook the mountains and shook the earth. Like a golden snake, lightning flashed, looming in the dark clouds and fog, interweaving in the sky. The thunderstorm was so big that it was the first time Ying Qiong had seen it since she came to the Magic Wave Pool. Because of the last two days, do not want to see people indulge in banquets, do not know the long-term. Although Han Calyx and Wan Zhen breathed out of the same nostril, since the last time Biyuntang was injured by the Blood-transforming Knife and recovered from his illness, he deeply felt the kindness and righteousness of Yi, Li,Warehouse storage racks, Laigu, and Qi Dwarf, and was secretly warned by his sister Ziling that although he underestimated the enemy's greed for merit, it was better. Wan Zhen still pretends to be the eldest sister, and her words are not congenial. I was too young to get started, so I relied on the love of my teacher. By coincidence, I had a lot of adventures, so that I could have today. Plain nature is Frank, not good at words, for fear of careless words, unintentional offense, or misunderstanding. The body is the master, the matter has come to this point,Pallet rack beams, in addition to when the time comes to risk, do their best to protect their intelligence carefully, and Laigu one inside and one outside separately, for the safety of these people, had to do what their hearts are at ease, not to mention a good plan. In order to prevent Wan Zhen from being oversensitive, he did not go to Jingqiong Valley to check again, but only sat in the area around the entrance of the Magic Wave Pool. Calculated that the two evils in the East China Sea would attack in a few days, and perhaps ordered one or two disciples to come here to spy beforehand, but the immortal did not specify the date, so he had to make plans. In the afternoon of the same day, several men and women who were ordered to defend in the magic wave pool had been ordered by Laigu to defend the enemy according to the designated door. Taiyi Wuyanluo has covered the whole mountain in the dark. The fire is harmless and Qian Lai respects the teacher most, to Laigu, Ying Qiong especially respect, from the day before yesterday, then excuse to leave the crowd, accompany in the side. Just as the weather was changing, could it be a sign of a strong enemy in the future? Shi Wan ran from the back hill and saw the fire. Qian Erren looked at the rain by the pool, not knowing that Ying Qiong was hidden in front of them. He smiled at them and said, "What's so beautiful about the rain here?"? All the Martial Uncles who left the mountain a few days ago have turned around. Wan Shibo, because they were not present at the Tianxiang Festival a few days ago, and there were two new comers among them, specially used the immortal method to disperse the thunderstorm in the air. There are also teachers who are afraid that their uncle will do the Dharma to force flowers, and they are afraid that their uncle will take it amiss, radio shuttle racking ,pipe cantilever rack, so they only do the Dharma in the area of Jingqiong Valley, and the valley has become a sea of flowers. According to Wan Shibo, there are the Five Elements of Immortal Dun at the bottom and the Taiyi Wuyanluo at the top, and no matter how powerful the evil spirits are, they can't attack. Even if the evil fire is insidious and can refine the five smoke, it is not possible to do so in a short time. On weekdays in the street, at most three people along the way, it is rare for everyone to get together, have this grand meeting, just a little enjoy the fairy mountain Qingfu, to lure the enemy, why so much fuss? I think this is reasonable. If there is any danger, it is not the opponent of evil spirits. Shizu has already foreshadowed it. At this time, the valley is busy. The steel feather eldest brother also just came back, asked it to see off the guest why to go to this many days to return, it also does not pay attention. He only led Elder Martial Brother yuan away and whispered behind his back, but I found him and hid him. Who would have thought that this brother who could fly was faster than me. As soon as he arrived, he flew away. Elder Martial Brother yuan doesn't say anything. I expect they are usually close, back to talk, there must be a reason, ask it not to say, then ran, want to call you two to play for a while. The female monkey is convinced by Elder Martial Brother Huo. If you go and ask him, he may be willing to say. Why don't you go? Two people did not have time to answer, Ying Qiong because that day the God Diao sent it old friend white Diao, did not return, know it recently more magical power, do not tell, there must be a reason. Or be called by Pai Mei Shizu, when employing people, the heart is still in suspense. Hearing this, he was eager to inquire about his loving father Li Ning's recent situation and wanted to order Qian Lai to call him. As soon as I looked back, I caught a glimpse of a large area of thick clouds over Jingqiong Valley, which were as fast as a galloping horse, rolling and flying like an avalanche of mountains and seas, and rushing out. At the same time, a stream of rays, tens of feet in size, was rising from the valley into the air, and when the sky was washed away, a large circle of cloud holes was opened, and the back half of the mountain became a bright world. Where the thick clouds dispersed, the fire trees and honeysuckle flowers in the valley appeared together, which was much richer and more wonderful than what had been seen in the past. All kinds of flowers, along with a burst of wind blowing from the back of the mountain area, especially strong. Just feel when this storm is about to come at the critical moment, people only know how to make fun, borrow the name to lure the enemy, unsuspecting, in case the same door has any injury, what to do? Suddenly I heard the thunder in the back of the mountain, which was much more violent than before, and I saw a large group of thunder and fire with thousands of golden lights, shooting down from the dense clouds to the bottom of the gully before it began to explode. First did not pay attention, because listen to the thunder is too fierce, they looked twice more, suddenly found that every time the thunder has a double sound, sometimes it is the first ring below. Knowing that the mountain is surrounded by deep gullies, the place of lightning strike is far away from the end of the dangerous cliff behind the mountain, and thousands of gullies are found. Because that place is in Shanyin, since I entered Xianfu, I only accompanied Yi Jing to inspect the whole mountain twice in the first year. The scenery in the mountain is beautiful and there are many flowers and trees. Only that area is located in the shadow of the mountain. It is the farthest from the Magic Wave Pool. It is only close to Jingqiong Valley. There are two peaks and cliffs in the middle. There are towering cliffs on the opposite side of the gully. On both sides are bare hills and barren rocks. There are only a few waterfalls near the bottom of the gully, which spray out all the year round and flow around the mountain. There are many waterfalls in the mountain. Those waterfalls are deep in the bottom of the gully, which is not beautiful, and there is no scenery nearby. No one wants to go there on weekdays. That day thunder too strange, below and reaction, expect to know something, busy fire harmless, money Lai, will stone to stay, together with the defense, don't leave. He flew to the back hill to see if there was any difference in the lightning strike. On his way home, he looked for Shendiao again and asked if he had seen his father. In recent days, the flight was even faster. I had thought about it, but when I saw the thunder coming from the sky,Cantilever Storage rack, I hit it in one place. I suspected that there was a monster hidden below. It should be struck by lightning. It was locked in a stalemate. So the thunderstorm did not stop, but became more violent. If it is a heretical evil spirit, it will not be like this.