get a Moncler Jacket inside

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get a Moncler Jacket inside


In ancient Roman times, genius was the name for the guardian deity thought to watch over each person throughout their life - like the proverbial angel on your shoulder, these geniuses protected an individual's moral character, and helped one to do the right thing. It wasn't until the 16th century that the word came to mean "defining characteristic" - and even later that it came to be synonymous with exceptional brilliance.

If you are here, you are viewing the look book images for Genius Collection 8: Richard Quinn. What they shared was Quinn's florist - at - a - funeral abandon for petals in sequined or printed pieces that were matchy - matchy from top to toe and often framed in marabou - edged balaclavas.

Moncler chairman and CEO Remo Ruffini commented: "The world is facing ever more urgent social and environmental challenges. The young talents in the images below are proof positive that true genius has many different faces, and shows up in a multitude of different ways.

I love the concept of something that works perfectly and is beyond updating: It just works and requires no reinvention. Keep your eyes peeled on our IG to get a Moncler Jacket inside look.

In a statement, Remo Ruffini, CEO of Moncler, said, "Interparfums' renowned expertise and creativity make it the ideal partner to develop a fragrance that is perfectly aligned with Moncler's DNA and unique identity. The launch of Moncler's first fragrance line is consistent with our selective brand extension strategy further enriching the clients' experience with the brand."