Secondary Weapons must be used with a skill

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Then, in the Prologue In the Prologue, you'll receive the two guns you'll need. One will be the primary weapon of your class and the other one is a second weapon. The secondary weapon is classified by Elyon Gold the name of "Required," you might not see it do more than just contribute statistics.

However but you could ask what you can do with your other weapon in combat. It's an additional weapon that can provide an additional method of attack which is an error not to use it. Unfortunately, Elyon's tutorials aren't filled with details on how to use a secondary weapon.

For you to use your secondary weapon in combat you must be playing an actual class in which you can use their secondary weapon as an option to demonstrate their skill.

Secondary Weapons must be used with a skill

There are many secondary weapons that aren't real weapons. For example, the Archer is equipped with a Quiver that does not serve as an weapon, and so you wouldn't be using a quiver for anything but storing bows. Classes such as the Archer, Slayer, Elementalist, and Mystic will not use their secondary weapons for offensive purposes.

In the case of Warlord, Gunner, and Assassin, their skills and attacks make use of additional weapons. If you're curious about how a second weapon will be used, you can look up a class's skill list.

In this instance the Gunner will have an Rifle as their second weapon. There will be a skill that utilizes the Rifle in battle. The durability of the secondary weapon will be determined by Elyon Gold buy its quality. Rifle.A different example would be an Assassin striking with two daggers and consequently, two daggers in each hand (as as stated by the requirements for the skill).